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8 compelling reasons for organizations to use cloud-managed networking solution

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Cloud apps are becoming more common as a result of the advantages they offer as well as the fact that they are a requirement for remote staff. At the same time, cloud-managed networking is also gaining popularity because it improves the efficiency of your IT infrastructure and your business.

Whether your organization has an IT department or not, the adoption of a cloud-managed networking solution helps in both ways. A cloud-managed networking system allows employees in a company’s IT department to focus on more critical projects that will help the company expand. A cloud-managed networking solution can also be easily managed by non-trained workers if an organization does not have a dedicated IT department.

Here D-Link outlines eight compelling reasons why using a cloud-managed networking solution makes sense for businesses.

  1. Proactive Management and Easy Maintenance:

When your network is managed by the cloud, it enables you to receive alerts on your PC or tablet when a device goes offline. This makes you more proactive in managing your network and eventually results in reducing network downtime.

  1. Remote Cable Testing and Port Management:

You do not need to send your staff to other locations to check cable status or power cycle a PoE device ever again. A cloud-managed networking solution saves your time & money by checking cable quality & errors remotely, as well as Power cycle ports, reboot PoE devices, from anywhere using the Nuclias app or portal.

  1. Better Understand Your Network with One Clear Intuitive Dashboard:

With Nuclias Cloud network configurations, you can see each location, the total number of connected devices, connected clients and peak usage times, all from one single pane of glass.

  1. Reduce Overhead:

Nuclias cloud prevents you from sending IT staff or subcontractors to a location for installation purposes. Instead, the Zero-touch remote deployment method reduces your reliance on expensive techs. You just need to plug it in on-site and connect your Ethernet cables. The setup & management is completed remotely. Also, over-the-web firmware upgrades keep your network running at peak performance.

  1. Better Manage Employee Travel:

The geo-tracking feature via Google Maps enables you to get a clear view of all your locations and makes it easy for you to figure out which location needs more attention.

  1. Rapid Deployment and Growth:

With Nuclias Cloud, managing your networking infrastructure, it is easy to add new sites or expand the existing ones by incorporating them into the pay-as-you-grow offering.

  1. Competitively Priced:

When it comes to price, Nuclias by D-Link is more competitively priced and less complex when compared to other cloud-managed solutions, keeping TCO down for you while still keeping things simple.

  1. Reliable Technology on a Trusted Platform:

Most importantly, D-Link designed and manufactured reliable business networking solutions are serving customers for over 30 years offering a competitive warranty and local support. Its server is hosted by a trusted, tier-1 global service platform making it reliable & trusted platform.


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