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Acer ME portfolio gears up with free upgrade for Windows 11

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Acer ME portfolio geared up with free upgrade for Windows 11. It has also announced that it will begin shipping a wide selection of PC products loaded with the Windows 11 operating system worldwide and in the Middle East later this year.

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Windows 11 aims to enhance productivity, boost student engagement and employee satisfaction while becoming the go-to platform housing Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools. The rollout of the new operating system will begin during Q4’21 this year and will continue throughout 2022 across Acer’s wide range of products including laptops, desktops &all-in-one PCs.

Commenting on the update, Paul Collins, the General Manager for MEA at Acer, said: “We are all looking to improve the way we connect and collaborate on a day-to-day basis. We are excited to update our portfolio with the new operating system as Windows 11 does exactly this – it intends to improve the way people interact, helps them organise their daily tasks and enhances hybrid working and learning.”

Customers can continue to buy Acer products with Microsoft Windows 10 today with confidence as all of Acer’s current line-up meets the minimum requirement for a free upgrade once the new operating system is released.

Paul further added, “Customers who planned on purchasing our devices to make use of the Back to School and Summer promotions can go ahead with their plans with confidence as it will be seamless to upgrade once Windows 11 is launched later this year.”

The upgrade will be available free of charge on compatible devices. Acer devices that do not meet the minimum requirements for a free upgrade will continue to enjoy the support of Microsoft Windows 10 till Oct 2025. 


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