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Alpline F1 joins with FireEye Mandiant to protect data across racing operations

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Alpline F1 joined with FireEye Mandiant to protect data across racing operations. They are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with FireEye Mandiant, one of the cybersecurity providers in the world. As an organization constantly analysing and finding new ways to combat cyber threats, Mandiant will help Alpine F1 Teamstayone step ahead of cyber threats, so it can focus on pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation– both on and off-track.

The Team will benefit from Mandiant’s profound understanding of planning and risk management as it relies increasingly on artificial intelligence, connectivity between international locations, digital communication and advanced data capture across multiple platforms including telemetry, driver simulators and, of course, the cars on track.

The Mandiant logo will appear on Alpine F1 Team’s garage environment and on the A521 no seat this weekend’s BritishGrand Prix – the kick-off of this multi-year, multi-faceted relationship.

Laurent Rossi, Chief Executive Officer, Alpine: “In Formula One, success is achieved by taking humans and technology to the limit while minimising risk. The fastest cars in the world are also amongst the safest and we needed a strategic partner who could help us extend the same approach to our data, the digital reflection of who we are Mandiant will thus cover a critical aspect of our engineering operations and is a welcome new member of our Technical Partners family.”

Pierre d’Imbleval, VP IS/IT Alpine: “Formula One Teams are at the forefront of technological innovation and, when you are part of an elite, it is easier to become a target. In Mandiant, we have found a strategic partner who shares our understanding of the importance of planning and managing cyber risk. Mandiant will provide Cyber Defence to Alpine F1 Team’s digital ecosystem, covering design, supply chain, production, simulation and racing operations. In a hyper-connected digital world, this is no less critical than the advanced and very tangible solutions we enforce to protect our drivers.”

Kevin Taylor, Senior Vice President, EMEA, FireEye Mandiant: “We are pleased to be working with Alpine F1 Team to help protect its employees and the intellectual property behind its F1 car with the latest Mandiant cybersecurity solutions. I am confident that together we will tackle the new challenges of cybersecurity in the automotive industry, over the 23 races of the F1 championship, and beyond.


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