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AmEx beefs up payment security with new Netcetera protocol

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American Express has adopted Netcetera’s latest security protocol for more secure and smoother payment process for its growing customers across the Middle East.

American Express has adopted Netcetera’s 3DS ACS, which is designed to comply with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) to secure payments. This, together with the usage of the EMV 3DS protocol 2.22, enables a secure and convenient payment process that has proven popular in the Middle East.

Ramy Fouda, Director of Sales at Netcetera Dubai, said:“We were pleased to be able to improve the 3DS setup and deliver great results with state-of-the-art technology for American Express. We pride ourselves on always offering the latest payment security solutions.”

SCA, often known as two-party authentication, is a mechanism that protects online shoppers from fraud. As a result, many major card issuers are implementing 3-D Secure. However, the previous version of 3DS 1.0 resulted in lengthy security procedures for mobile users and reduced conversion rates. 3DS 2.2 and Netcetera’s Access Control Server (ACS) are no longer an issue for American Express. It employs a number of techniques (transaction restrictions, whitelisting) to eliminate superfluous procedures and promote simpler online purchasing.

With strong credit card usage and a solid customer base, the Middle East is a booming market for payment services. American Express has had a lot of success in this market, collaborating with well-known local and international companies to provide a pleasant purchasing experience. Netcetera collaborated with AmEx to implement 3D Secure protocol 2.2 in accordance with SCA to provide secure and seamless transactions. This was a significant improvement over the previous edition, allowing for even more purchase security while maintaining a user-friendly interface.


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