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Anand Choudha on 2021 market outlook for Spectrami

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Anand Choudha, CEO and President at Spectrami – Interview for ‘TECHx ICT Distribution Feature’

TECHx: What is the 2021 market outlook for Spectrami? What are your key strategic focus areas this year?

Anand: We expect the market for cybersecurity will continue to follow growth path and offer new opportunities, especially, as we adapt to the “New Normal” where workspaces have been extended beyond office premises. There is now a greater focus to ensure extended security for remote devices working virtually from anywhere in the world.

We believe all these trends will help us grow further, but we don’t just depend on trends to drive our business rather we invest in developing resources to identify the bleeding edge technologies, which are relevant for the regional enterprises. Our main role is to look out for breakthrough technologies from across the globe and represent them in the region so that regional businesses can enhance their cybersecurity cover and enable them to be cyber resilient.

As a cybersecurity-focused value-added-distributor, we are committed to innovation and this year our key strategic focus area is to transform our business model. We already initiated the plan and have made heavy investments to start our digital transformation journey. We expect to be ready with our new platform soon.

TECHx: As a cybersecurity focused value-added-distributor, how do you enable organizations in the region to become cyber resilient? What role can Spectrami play in the future of the regional cybersecurity landscape?

Anand: The MEA region has seen a 250% increase in cyber attacks in the last year and this trend will continue as corporates struggle to adapt to the New Normal. Over the years, we have carefully built a stack of vendor solutions that can help the customers redefine their cybersecurity strategies and postures to stay relevant and secure. Last week, we successfully concluded a virtual event in this regard and shared intelligence with customers, and updated them about new technologies that can plug gaps and address their concerns.

TECHx: Spectrami signed some key strategic partnerships in 2020. What new collaborations are currently in the pipeline for the company?

Anand: We have been working tirelessly since our inception a decade back to look at emerging technologies and trends to bring the bleeding and leading-edge technologies to this region. This year will not be any different and expect some new product launches as well to cater to the new normal.

TECHx: What are the new digital transformation trends you foresee in 2021? How do you capitalize on the opportunities this changing market has created?

Anand: We predict an increase in the digital transformation of every business. Spectrami is working towards a new digital transformation platform to be launched in early April 2021. We see the trend to move from emails to chat for collaboration services followed by automation to help our resellers self-service their orders. The focus for us is to make advanced analytics available and give visibility for all aspects of the business. This information available at fingertips will help us enable our channel partners and vendors to make quick and better decisions.


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