Appknox to enhance cybersecurity offerings with SBOM launch in Q1 2023

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Appknox, a mobile security testing platform, unveiled a new addition to its Vulnerability Assessment (VA) Solution – the Software Level Bill of Materials (SBOM) feature.

The company continues to lead the industry with its newest feature, which is intended to support its cybersecurity solution even more. This comes after the company’s successful introduction of Store Monitoring in Q4 2022. With the help of this new feature, customers will be able to determine the attack surface for any open-source and third-party components used in their mobile apps.

Subho Halder, CISO, Appknox said“With Appknox SBOM, we are the first-of-its-kind where we can figure out your software component with only the application binary, which is a game changer. In the future, we will expand our SBOM coverage to focus on the hybrid model by Identifying other component types and Compositions associated with all components,”

The Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) is crucial for organizations since it enables them to detect potential risks within their software supply chain. SBOM is particularly beneficial for mobile applications because it provides a complete overview that includes third-party libraries and frameworks. This information helps developers and security teams to have a complete understanding of the risks posed by these components.

The practical advantage of SBOM: With full awareness of all system components, steps can be taken to mitigate known vulnerabilities and shore up defences against potential threats.

With a thorough and accurate inventory of all the components and dependencies used in their mobile applications, organisations can gain a better understanding of their security posture. This makes it easier for them to identify and lessen possible threats. Knowing precisely which components are being used and whether there are any known vulnerabilities (CVEs) linked with them will help customers proactively secure their apps and protect the data of their users.

With growing ecosystems of software frameworks and libraries, it becomes difficult to track the software supply chain. SBOM is a way to give visibility on all the libraries frameworks your application currently uses and makes it easier to check if any such vulnerable components are used in your app ecosystem. With the rising attacks on Software Supply Chain attacks in the past, such as log4j, XCodeGhost, and others, an organization must have such visibility.

Raghunandan J, Product Manager at Appknox said “We are really excited to bring the SBOM feature to our users. This provides valuable insights with respect to the ‘building blocks’ used to develop any mobile application. With the launch of this, we remain committed to the path of enabling Organizations to release secure mobile applications.”

Organizations that want to show their dedication to secure software development methods must have a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). Organizations can confirm they are working to meet the requirements of any security standard, such as OWASP CycloneDX, and offer assurance to those they work with by using a properly built SBOM. The SBOM demonstrates their adherence to best practices for protecting user data and securing its apps.

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