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APPSTIRR named ‘Best App Development Company’ at 2021 MEA Business Awards

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APPSTIRR wins its fourth award of the year at the MEA Business Awards, taking home the title of ‘Best App Development Company in the Middle East’ for 2021. APPSTIRR is thrilled to now possess the overall title of ‘The Top Mobile Development Company,’ as reviewed by Clutch, Good Firms, and App Futura in four significant 2021 awards.

The fifth annual MEA Business Awards are proudly sponsored by MEA Markets, a quarterly newspaper dedicated to investigating and publicising the main developments and events taking place across the Middle East and Africa. “The Middle East and Africa has a huge hand in shaping what happens throughout the wider global corporate community, and is the world’s most powerful, innovative and influential business regions, and home to countless leading firms across numerous fast-moving industries.” 

Commenting on the award, Hady, Chief Strategy Officer of APPSTIRR, “We are delighted to receive such a distinctive award. This is a huge milestone for the company and will serve as a motivation to upkeep this powerful momentum within the region.”

According to the MEA Awards, the selection was made on the basis of merit and was based on a thorough examination of the skills and services available. The winners were chosen based on several criteria such as business performance, longevity, diversity, growth (sustained or quick), any notable innovations, and comments from stakeholders after a thorough study and evaluation process.

Following the city’s surge in technology and digital transformation, the creative APP development agency opened its doors in the UAE. MORFOW, Dubai’s first SaaS-based solution for Real Estate Developers, was established to handle the difficult process of managing clients and real estate projects, and the company’s clientele span from government organisations to companies and startups.

APPSTIRR has dominated the industry since its launch in the UAE this year, delivering projects worth more than USD 20.0 million and welcoming global expansion with a presence in three countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates, as well as four cities: New York, Houston, London, and Dubai.

The firm has deep roots in the UAE and is well-known for its ability to detect the potential of anyone with a fantastic concept right away. APPSTIRR takes pleasure in not just generating an idea, but also adding value as an innovative partner to their clients by delivering software and app development services to all entrepreneurs in the UAE.


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