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Arab National Bank boosts digital banking with Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud platforms

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Arab National Bank (ANB) is speeding up its digital banking, open finance, and customer engagement transformations with agile delivery and modern apps built on a foundation of open hybrid cloud technologies, including Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, according to Red Hat.

ANB’s forward-looking plan to compete in Saudi Arabia’s banking market and enrich client experiences with innovative technologies and platforms based on artificial intelligence includes digital transformation. ANB is striving to better securely and efficiently build, manage, and expand partnerships with ecosystem partners as part of its strategy to deliver this value to clients through flexible, innovative solutions. ANB can deliver differentiated and connected customer experiences faster and with better scalability based on open financial standards by building cloud-native applications and Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) products utilising APIs and a microservices integration layer on its Red Hat-based platform.

Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud platforms may be used in a variety of IT contexts, from on-premises datacenters to multicloud deployments, providing ANB with a consistent basis for both legacy and cloud-native apps. ANB currently has Red Hat OpenShift running on its private cloud architecture, with multiple microservices-based apps in production and the capacity to expand and scale over one or more public clouds as its needs change.

As ANB embraces cloud-native apps, security is a top priority. Red Hat OpenShift has built-in container isolation features as well as other security features like runtime observability, authentication, authorization, and encryption, and using Red Hat Enterprise Linux across its environment allows ANB to benefit from the industry’s leading enterprise Linux platform’s innovation, security capabilities, and consistency. Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is also being used by ANB to host next-generation Java and Jakarta EE apps in its hybrid environment.

Red Hat is a software company that specialises on OpenShift, the industry’s premier enterprise Kubernetes platform, provides a common layer abstracted from underlying infrastructure to ensure uniformity in how applications are packaged, deployed, and managed for both developers and operations teams. With OpenShift’s full-stack automated operations, consistent experience across all environments, and self-service provisioning for developers, ANB expects its teams to be able to use agile development methods like continuous deployment and DevOps to collaborate more efficiently to move ideas from development to production, contributing to a culture of innovation and reducing time to market for new digital BaaS offerings for its customers.

Supporting Quotes

Ali Al Shami, country manager, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Red Hat
Financial services firms are looking to open hybrid cloud solutions to help them more easily address customer expectations for convenience, speed and engagement. At the same time, opening up digital banking products and services with open APIs presents an opportunity for deeper, more creative ecosystem collaboration and a way to drive internal business synergies and efficiencies. We are excited to help power ANB’s open finance proposition with open source, cloud-native technology.”

Aiedh M. Al-Zahrani, chief operating officer, ANB
“Embracing digital banking as part of a more open, integrated ecosystem is a fundamental mindset shift with regard to business model development. At ANB, we are proud of the advancements we have made in the Saudi market as one of the first banks to adopt private cloud containers and DevOps delivery models for open APIs. Red Hat is helping us boost our capabilities to develop and scale open finance and BaaS innovation more quickly and securely to get ahead of customer demand.”


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