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Artificial Intelligence to boost student engagement and wellbeing at Coventry University

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Artificial Intelligence will boost student engagement and wellbeing at Coventry University. Coventry University is seeking to enhance students’ performance and mental wellbeing by implementing breakthrough Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its student services.

Coventry University is already reaching out to students who appear to be less engaged in their classes, based on their usage of school services and their digital footprint.

The ground-breaking AI programme, which Coventry University co-developed with AI startup Symanto from the ground up, is designed to better assess student behaviour, allowing the university’s Student Engagement Centre to intervene and offer help more effectively and earlier than ever before.

Attendance, library usage, grades, and online learning activity are all used to provide a picture of how engaged students are with their courses, studies, and the university as a whole. It can also anticipate student involvement patterns and has the ability to evolve further.

The institution will be notified if students’ routines or behaviors exhibit concerning tendencies or sudden, dramatic changes and will then provide timely support to those who appear to need it.

Staff from the university will continue to contact anyone they believe would benefit from a chat and possibly a helping hand.

Ian Dunn, Coventry University Provost, said: “We always want our students to know they have our full support and to know that we are more than happy to assist them wherever we can, and this software will hopefully help us to identify students who may need a helping hand but aren’t necessarily actively reaching out for it.  

“Our ambition is to take our student engagement services, and therefore the student experience we can offer, to a whole new level using really innovative technology. This system is going to be a fantastic asset for staff and students. 

“We’re also hopeful this project will help us to continue developing our efforts to apply an innovative and forward-thinking approach to the teaching and learning experience we have on offer.”  

Coventry University and Symanto, a prominent artificial intelligence startup that uses emotion AI and psychology to deliver deep knowledge of human attitude, emotion, mental health, and motivation through text and behaviour, collaborated on the AI-enhanced learner analytics platform.

It is intended that by interpreting students’ levels of involvement, the platform will provide a non-invasive approach of assisting pupils in reaching their full potential.


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