ASBIS Middle East signs distribution agreement with Axtel

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Axtel and ASBIS Middle East have signed a distribution agreement to deliver high-quality professional headsets in the region.

Mr. Praveen Singh, ASBIS ME Director of Sales said, “Partnership with Axtel, is certainly a step in the right direction. Headsets offered by Axtel are ideal for any environment. We continue to turn single-time buyers into trusted business partners with Axtel.”

Mr. Prince Gangadharan, Manager Sales, ASBIS ME said, “This year 2020 is an important year for solution company, we are moving towards transformation, artificial intelligence and 5G. While the industry has been trying to perfect itself, the preferences of its customers are changing in the blink of an eye. We believe that Axtel’s high-quality headsets throughout the design and manufacturing process with added training will improve the skill sets of our partners.”


Axtel Global Director, Mr. Mikolaj Kubiak elaborated on this strategic partnership, “For any company to grow, one of the key points is to have an eye on the market and its needs, that’s where ASBIS comes in play in knowing the market with its expertise. Partnering with ASBIS will definitely help us grow as they have diverse product range in their portfolio catering to a much larger audience who have their trust with the company. With their approach and Axtel’s’ quality along with technology, we are sure to provide quality-driven cost-effective solutions to our partners.”

When the world is at constant change, we as a company need to have a fact check on what is the need of the hour. One such need is having better communication with the highest quality and ease of use. With this idea, both ASBIS and Axtel come together and have that common goal to provide the channel with the best solution. Rest assured, the channel will benefit from our partnership and can provide exponential growth for all. Mr. Dhaval M. Varia, Regional Sales Manager, Axtel ME


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