Middle East Energy’s virtual event - TECHx

More than 164 countries participates in Middle East Energy’s virtual event

The online event attracted 11,000 attendees from 164 countries worldwide, focusing on the latest insights, trends, and innovations across four energy industry sectors, including Renewable & Clean Energy, Transmission & Distribution, Critical & Backup Power, and Energy Consumption & Management. During the event, 85 sessions, including tech talks, interactive roundtables, panel discussions, thought leadership sessions and remote interviews, took place.

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Islamic Civilization - H.H. Abdullah bin Zayed - TECHx

‘We must motivate our peoples to revive the glories of Islamic Civilization’, says H.H. Abdullah bin Zayed

The summit looks forward on building of achievements of the first summit and to proceed together in developing a road map for the most important initiatives and future projects to achieve the goals of the ten-year plan. It is not enough to define goals and develop action plans, but needs to motivate peoples to lead the innovation process.

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