AV-TEST approved certificate given to Kaspersky Safe Kids for 7th time

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Kaspersky Safe Kids has been recognized by AV-TEST for providing all the features necessary to protect kids across all their devices regardless of the operating system. Achieving an unprecedented APPROVED Parental Control Software certificate for the seventh time in a row, Kaspersky Safe Kids blocked an overall average of 92% of potentially inappropriate websites tested in Windows, and 87% in Android. Additionally, Safe Kids blocked almost all undesirable “adult content” in Windows.

Parental control applications are becoming more and more popular among parents as a result of children utilising digital devices from a young age (about five to nine years old) and obtaining access to the internet. These programmes limit how much time children spend on gadgets, guard against unsuitable content on the internet, and if a tracking programme is installed on the child’s device, even expose the child’s exact position.

Kaspersky Safe Kids features a high level of website protection – highlighted in the report – and delivers strengthened results for Windows – 92% (90% in 2021) and Android – 87% (85% in 2021) for 13 categories in six languages. In testing, the software achieved its best result when blocking almost 100% of inappropriate “adult content” for Windows.

Lab tests also revealed the over-blocking detection rate significantly decreased in 2022 – down to 5.6% for Windows (6.7% in 2021) and 4.8% for Android (6% in 2021).

Additionally, Kaspersky Safe Kids managed to block more than 93% of tested webpages in Windows and Android in categories like ‘videogames’, ‘alcohol, tobacco, drugs’ and ‘weapons, explosives, pyrotechnics’ with everything connected to weapons like sales to depiction to construction and its display.

Kaspersky Safe Kids has received praise from AV-TEST for its abundance of available monitoring and management capabilities. One tester singled out the “search monitoring engine” and “screen time limitation” aspects in particular. The ability to prohibit apps on Windows, Android, and iOS devices according to category and suitable age restrictions specified in the app store is also emphasised.

Marina Titova, Vice-President, Consumer Product Marketing at Kaspersky said “Kaspersky Safe Kids provides parents with the best tools and technologies to look after children in the digital world in one convenient app. You can also guard kids against harmful content while educating them about enjoying a healthy online-offline balance with the peace of mind of knowing they’re maintaining good digital habits. We’re thrilled our efforts have been proved by AV-TEST who recognized Kaspersky Safe Kids for providing comprehensive digital parenting tools and a high level of web protection for the seventh time in a row.”


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