AVEVA launches 2023 operations control software for industrial enterprises

Digital Transformation Technology

AVEVA, a global provider of industrial software that drives digital transformation and sustainability, has released the 2023 version of its operations control software, the first major coordinated release of its HMI/SCADA software portfolio, which is available in both perpetual and subscription purchases.

“Digital technologies now comprise the beating heart of industrial enterprises. But operations teams do not yet have the ability to contextualize decisions within a cohesive and sustainable framework. AVEVA Operations Control leverages this information environment with a comprehensive set of applications that empowers users from edge to enterprise with real-time visibility of critical processes in every industry,” says Rashesh Mody, Executive Vice President – Operations Business, AVEVA. 

The new release adds to the delivery of AVEVA Operations Control, a flexible, subscription-based solution of integrated capabilities that promotes greater efficiency and workforce collaboration at the scale that is most appropriate for the business.

AVEVA Operations Control, the first of its kind in the industrial software space, simplifies team day-to-day routines by aligning workers around common digital threads of information, delivering the data and insights needed to drive growth at every level through increased efficiency, agility, and reliability.

Customers can ensure performance consistency, eliminate the opportunity for human error, and improve operator insight and reactions to process deviations by deploying rich visualization technologies, analytics, and development tools in a hybrid cloud and on-premises environment. Not only can critical information be retrieved more quickly, but the built-in flexibility allows for greater scaling – of data, users, or routes to revealing the correct decision.

AVEVA’s broad portfolio is a key differentiator that helps customers achieve their goals. The 2023 operations control release prioritizes worker empowerment through UI/UX improvements, increased flexibility for web and mobile users, and increased connectivity. AVEVA System Platform 2023, AVEVA InTouch HMI 2023, AVEVA Edge 2023, AVEVA Plant SCADA 2023, AVEVA Historian 2023, AVEVA Communication Drivers 2023, AVEVA Reports for Operations 2023, AVEVA Development Studio, and AVEVA Teamwork are all updated in this release.

“Value is often greater than the sum of its parts. The flexible collection of capabilities within the 2023 release function can be combined and linked for even greater effect. Instead of releasing a single HMI or SCADA product, we can enhance our customers’ ability to eliminate silos and build more intelligent systems that make their people smarter, thus maximizing the value obtained from their industrial data,” adds Mody.

Several procurement methods, including AVEVA Flex, the advanced industrial software subscription program, are available for the 2023 operations control software release. Customers can select individual software offerings from the operations control portfolio or realize new transformational value with end-to-end visibility across operations by subscribing to AVEVA’s comprehensive portfolio via AVEVA Operations Control. AVEVA Operations Control eliminates traditional implementation constraints by providing unlimited software usage (measured by the number of users) and maximum commercial flexibility.

AVEVA Operations Control enables employees to perform their duties in a more environmentally friendly manner. Its comprehensive digital framework enables faster, data-backed responses to events that require resolution, as well as reliable process management systems and reduced training effort. Customers from a variety of industries can improve their approach to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives by leveraging the solution to gain data-driven insights for more efficient and environmentally sustainable operations.


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