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Axis to place the power of partnerships front and center at Expo 2020

Surveillance Technology

Axis Communications continues to host the conversations that will shape the future, with Expo 2020 well underway. The global leader in security and surveillance is facilitating six high-impact conferences that speak to the technologies of a smarter, safer, and more sustainable future in conjunction with the Sweden Pavilion in the event’s Sustainability District in Dubai. Axis is sharing the discovery of new technologies and trends with participants worldwide through interaction with industry experts and company leaders.

“Partnerships are defined by relationships, by people, and by a shared drive to maximise potential. This technology conference is about showcasing what Axis has accomplished when it prioritises collaboration and how others can emulate that success. Through sharing knowledge and insight, we can lay the foundations for alliances that positively contribute to the security and surveillance sector while also setting the stage for a smarter, more sustainable future,” commented Ettiene van der Watt.

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The fourth conference, titled “Share in the discovery of growth through partnership,” will be held on January 10th, 2022, and will focus on the principles of corporate collaboration and relationships. Partnerships, which are at the heart of Axis, can range from a single, regional transaction to worldwide agreements that necessitate long-term investments in knowledge and infrastructure to tackle business issues and produce optimal and mutually beneficial results.

Ettienevan der Watt, Axis’ Regional Director for the Middle East and Africa, will kick off the event, followed by an introduction from Dmitry Streltsov, the company’s Technology Integration Partner Program Manager. Martin Gren, the founder of Axis, will speak about the company’s devotion to partnerships.

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The company’s partner network and how businesses may benefit from the community are then highlighted by speakers, including Tertius Wolfaardt, Axis Architecture and Engineering Manager – Middle East and Africa.

Jamie Donald, Program Director, Technology Partners, Axis Communications Global Sales, and Amine Sadi, Regional Sales Manager, Milestone Systems MEA & Turkey, will address the Axis and Milestone Systems alliance, as well as the two businesses’ intertwined histories and mutual influence.

In a panel discussion, Sheetal Rao, Regional Distribution Manager–Axis Communications MEA, will unpack the potential of partnerships. MahnazSoltani  Axis Milestone Optimizer will be broken down by Product Analyst of Partner Solutions at Axis in how it technically aligns the two companies and the benefits for end customers.

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Haider Muhammad, Community Manager at Milestone Systems MEA & Turkey, will summarise the power of video.

Dmitry Streltsov will discuss total cost of ownership (TCO) and why it is important for businesses to consider when determining the true worth of their relationships. The technology conference will wrap up with real-world customers presenting their Axis and Milestone experiences, followed by Dmitry Streltsov’s concluding remarks.


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