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Barracuda report sheds light on today’s most pressing network security challenges

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Barracuda’s report has shed light on today’s most pressing network security challenges. The company presented the key results of research titled “The State of Network Security in 2021.” The Barracuda-commissioned study polled 750 IT decision-makers in charge of their organization’s networking, public cloud, and security to learn about cloud adoption, working from home, security concerns, and a range of difficulties and challenges linked to cybersecurity threats.

Overall, network breaches, ransomware attacks, and remote-work problems highlight the need for cloud-native Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) deployments, according to the study. The following are some of the report’s highlights:

• 81 percent of respondents stated their company had had a security breach in the previous year.

• When compared to organisations with employees who work mostly in the office, companies with employees who work primarily from home had a much higher rate of network security breaches (85 percent) (65 percent ).

• A whopping 74% of respondents polled indicated their company has been the victim of at least one ransomware assault in the previous year.

• Only 14% of employees at the businesses surveyed work full-time in the office.

• Because 97 percent of respondents with company-issued devices share their home internet connection with other family members, the possibility of a data breach exists.

• SD-WAN has been installed by 73 percent of organisations with all apps in the public cloud, which is twice as many as companies with only a few apps in the public cloud (37 percent ).

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) has been deployed by 68 percent of organisations with all apps in the public cloud, but only 38 percent of companies with a few apps in the public cloud have done so.

• Organizations use an average of 31 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) programmes.

• Respondents reported that public cloud providers receive 64 percent of their traffic on average.

Barracuda - report -network-security-challenges -techxmedia

“Organizations are experiencing a high level of network breaches and facing ongoing connectivity and security challenges as they adapt to hybrid work environments,” said Tim Jefferson, SVP, Engineering for Data, Networks and Application Security, Barracuda.

Also said, “But, they are realizing that moving to SaaS applications and the public cloud improves both the user experience and security, so they’re starting to embrace new SASE technologies.”


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