Beginners guide to Smart Home Technology

Automation Smart Home Tech Tips

By: Rabab Zehra

Gone are the days when the idea of smart home technology was considered unfathomable. A report predicts that the value of smart home device market will reach $174 billion by 2025. According to Swedish research firm Berg Insight, 63 million Americans will transform their residences into smart homes by 2022.

A report released by Moscow’s Department Information Technologies says that Dubai is among those top 10 cities that are leaders in smart home technology.

With IoT, people across the globe are already bringing smart home technology into their homes for security, simple accessibility, power efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Imagine all your home devices, like home appliances, doors, electric switches, lights, air conditioners or water heaters etc. connected to the internet and you can control them with a touch on your mobile screen or even with a voice command. This is what home automation sounds like.

Smart home technology is already seeing a boom globally and has become a reality for many consumers with solutions available easily. Below are the ways in which you can start integrating smart home technology in your home to elevate your comfort, safety and security.

Feel Safe with Home security cameras

Both indoor and outdoor security cameras installed in your home can make you feel safe and secure in a lot of situations. Whether it is about keeping an eye on your kids and pets in your absence or even knowing who’s knocking your door, without actually walking up to the door. Everything can be operated from your smartphone and helps you keep the intruders away. The ways in which smart home security cameras can ease your life are innumerable. An efficient Wi-Fi connection and you are good to go.

Make your bedroom, ‘Smart Bedroom’

There is a famous saying by John Wildsmith that “You are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both”. Having a comfortable bedroom where you can breathe a sigh of relief and relax makes you feel more refreshed every day. This is the right time to blend technology in your bedroom where you do not need to get up from your comfy bed to switch off lights before sleeping. You can conveniently control the lights from the comfort of your bed if you have smart lights installed in your room. Smart lights can be turned on/off and dimmed even with your voice. Also, you can set a timer as per your schedule and time this to your convenience.

Same goes with Smart Blinds, just by fixing up a device there, you can set its timings as per your alarm or as per the detection of sunlight. With these features, you can start upgrading your bedroom and once you start the choices are infinite.

Enjoy working in a Smart Kitchen

A justly connected smart kitchen via IoT technology not only makes everyday tasks simple but also saves you a lot of time. If you are looking forward to building a smart kitchen, you do not need to smash your kitchen walls and construct new ones.

You can start it by bringing a smart fridge home because when you call the kitchen as heart of the home, it is just to call a refrigerator as heart of the kitchen. A smart fridge has built-in cameras inside, that lets you see what’s in the fridge even when you are not home. So, the next time you are at a grocery, take a peep in your fridge and stock it up smartly.  

Similarly, a smart oven works with built-in cameras inside and prevents the unnecessary interruptions during the baking process.

Have you ever switched on/off your kitchen lights with your elbow just because your hands were occupied with dishes or they were dirty? Yes, we all have. Get the smart lights installed in your kitchen to avoid this awkward and uncomfortable experience, connect them with voice assistants like Siri, Alexa and let your voice take control.   

Automated Doors and windows:

Smart doors and window technology systems range from simple security sensors to fully integrated systems.

The basic security sensors alert you if someone tries to open the door or if you yourself have forgotten to lock the doors and windows. However, the systems where smart technology is completely integrated into your doors, you can operate the opening and closing remotely. These systems also provide you face recognition feature and keyless entry at the time of entry.

The automated door of your garage brings you a lot of convenience, but that will require an efficient Wi-Fi connection in your garage area.  

The continuous and fast evolution in smart home technology industry brings incredible convenience to its consumers and enhances their lives. Take a step forward in the 21st century by adopting smart home technology, where your devices and you can communicate with each other.


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