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Bridging the digital divide: Interview with TP-Link’s GM

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Rabab Zehra, Executive Editor of TECHx Media, sat down with General Manager of TP-Link MEA Lucas Jiang for a Special Feature on ‘Bridging The Gap Between Technology And Business,’ to learn more about the role TP-Link plays in empowering businesses during the ongoing wave of digital transformation.

TECHx: IDC WLAN Market Report recently named TP-Link as the No. 1 provider of Wi-Fi Products for the tenth year in a row. What is the most distinguishing feature of your company that sets it apart from competitors?

Lucas: 40 consecutive quarters of being ranked No. 1 in the IDC WLAN Market Report is a testament to our undivided focus on providing commendable connectivity and consumer convenience through future-ready solutions. What sets TP-Link apart from its competitors is its approach to anticipate future problems to develop reliable solutions to solve them or even avoid them – today. We don’t think of ourselves as a networking solutions provider, we think of ourselves as a home and lifestyle solutions provider. This helps us look at the bigger picture and address pain points for our customers that our competitors sometimes tend to miss out on.

TECHx: Many new trends are emerging in the smart Wi-Fi industry. What’s next on your to-do list, any new products or expansion plans?

Lucas: In an innovative and passionate company like TP-Link, the spirit of persistence and courage to confront challenges will continue to inspire us to move forward with confidence. With the rapid surge in demand for networking solutions and better connectivity, the need for surveillance are on the cusp of exploding. As TP-Link tries to anticipate and cater to potential issues, there is already a new line-up of smart Wi-Fi security solutions that is being introduced through the company’s security arm – VIGI. It comprises of 10 professional-grade surveillance products that have been specially developed to cater to the growing needs of small and medium enterprises. To cater to the rising demand for business networking solutions, TP-Link already has a range of High-Performance Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Dual-Band Ceiling Mount Access Points: EAP660 HD and EAP620 HD, as well as POE, switches to meet the increasing organizational demands. TP-Link’s smart Omada solution offers intelligent yet simplified centralised management for access points, switches, and gateways.

TECHx: How can TP-Link help enterprises bridge the technology and business divide in their digital transformation initiatives?

Lucas: We provide integrated network solutions to all the business. Omada is a smart platform managing switches and gateways and integrating access points into a full Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution. Omada provides 100% centralized cloud management and creates a highly scalable network—all controlled from a single interface. Seamless wireless and wired connections are provided, ideal for use in hospitality, education, retail, office, and more. We are looking towards tremendous growth in the fields of IoT devices and business networking, which helps customers embrace the trends of connecting everything. We believe the combination of advanced technology and continual innovation in every iteration will contribute to a smart future.

TECHx: What role does the channel partner ecosystem play in your company? What does TP-Link do to empower its partners in the face of a changing business landscape?

Lucas: TP-Link is committed to its partners’ long-term business growth and has successfully driven business growth and market shares consistently since its regional operations commenced in the Middle East. Leveraging strong partner relationships has been at the core of this growth. During this changing business landscape and these challenging times, TP-Link’s channel partners have enjoyed considerable support and regular rewards for accomplishing verifiable TP-Link targets. TP-Link provides them with the necessary tools and resources needed to drive their growth and ensures that they are trained, certified and fully ready to implement the brand’s SOHO SMB & VIGI offerings. Their growth is key to the brand’s growth and is always a priority.


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