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Build advanced computer security performance with LG’s laptop

Cybersecurity Technology

Over the last few years, the Gulf has seen a spike in technology, online entertainment, digital media, and social media users. This was only driven by the pandemic’s impact, which prompted individuals and businesses to embrace remote technology to digitally revolutionize their working and running methods. This means that workers who work from home can use work gadgets to complete personal duties and vice versa.

With this new reality, it is more critical than ever to raise awareness about cyber security procedures. According to a recent industry report, over 10 million Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) cyber-attacks will be recorded globally in 2020, with an 183 percent increase in the United Arab Emirates alone, while ransomware attacks will be on the rise. National Computer Security Day (November 30) serves as an excellent reminder for customers to be aware of best practises for avoiding cyber security risks. Preventative measures can help individuals keep ahead of threats, whereas reactive measures are implemented after identifying a security risk. By eliminating repetitive passwords that make it easier for hackers to obtain access to personal information, such steps as evaluating password security can help consumers prevent hacked accounts and other undesirable scenarios.

LG-Advanced computer security - Laptop - techxmedia

LG Electronics (LG) is assisting consumers in practicing safe security and taking control of their online identity and presence. Starting with the LG Gram, which stresses safety while including a plethora of innovative features. The latest LG Gram devices feature small and lightweight designs, proving that portability is not sacrificed for performance. The LG Gram range, which comes in sizes of 14, 16, and 17 inches, combines outstanding screen quality with strong components, incredible battery life, and a compact light design.

The LG Gram also has a built-in scan reader for your finger for people who want more security with their cellphone. This reduces the number of steps required to start a laptop and is an excellent choice for folks who have forgotten their password. Furthermore, the LG Gram is a sturdy, long-lasting laptop. This laptop passes seven military-grade durability tests, including shock, dust, extreme heat or cold, and water resistance.

The LG Gram also comes with the enhanced Windows 11 operating system, which includes new features including improved virtual desktop compatibility, the ability to access widgets straight from the Taskbar, Xbox capabilities to enhance PC gaming, and simpler multitasking with Snap Layouts and Snap Groups. Also included in Windows 11 is the new Chromium-based Edge browser, which provides increased performance, speed, and efficiency-boosting capabilities for a more enjoyable browsing experience.


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