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Cairo ICT Promises Africa’s New Tech Dreams


By TP Sharafudheen, CEO – TECHx Media 

As the event organisers rightly say, we are facing numerous digital challenges across the world, and these are headed for complex shapeshifting in the cyber space. IT manufacturers, developers and innovators, and governments alone can find solutions to these ever-expanding challenges. In this context, Cairo ICT, the largest ICT event in the region, has aptly themed its 25th edition: The Digital Challenge.

The organisers sum it all up: “What made Cairo ICT unique is a magical blend of technologies, industries, audience, spearheaded with a far-sighted vision about what we need in the Middle East & Africa. Cairo ICT is the Tech event that serves national objectives, businesses, development, and human resources”.

Cairo ICT 2021 becomes even more exciting as it is a convergence of 10 tech domains, offering unique opportunities for businesses and networking for a world limping back to normalcy following the pandemic-induced economic meltdown.

Let’s take a look at them:

Health-Tech: In the post-pandemic world, people are more concerned about healthcare, and are spending more on life science and related technologies, which optimise patient-centric healthcare.

Agri-Tech: Food scarcity is a looming challenge to any country’s developmental goal. Technology can solve this issue in a big way. Bringing thought-leaders and technology industry experts to work with governments is a good move. Cairo ICT is showcasing innovative solutions such as wireless sensors to monitor soil, air and animal health as well as remote-controlled irrigation systems, biotech platforms for crop yields, data-analysis software to augment planting and livestock management. It is the responsibility of media agencies to communicate these promising ideas to the public.

Ed-Tech: The unprecedented surge in demand for digital learning has presented new challenges for governments and private education agencies. Adoption of app-based services and personalisation with a focus on AI/ML has gained momentum. Classrooms and remote learning experience have become tech-infused with tablets, interactive online courses and even robots. Cairo ICT showcases the latest solutions in Ed-tech.

Space-Tech: Space technology helps in a big way improving our lives and the way we communicate. Space tech companies will be showcasing micro-satellites, ground station networks, satellite imagery, satellite telecommunications, and space-based data.

Retail-Tech: Technology has given customer-centred products and services a fillip, and improves consumers’ buying experience and practices. Retail-tech Cairo ICT targets hypermarkets and retailers at large, and restaurant owners, especially, how to use technology to increase profitability, efficiency and customer engagement, acquisition and retention.

Ad-Tech: Programmatic ad-exchange, supply-side and display-side platforms with super intelligent bots have made ad-tech a unique world in the industry. Let us be eager to witness them at the show.

Entertain-Tech: We are on the threshold of metaverse, and are already immersed in the magnificent world of OTT stream. We are also curious about gaming products, which are bigger than ever, 2021 is another year of disruption for media and entertainment.

Sport-Tech: Technology has redefined sports and the field of training. Wearable tech conveys real-time information and can prevent injuries; GPS pinpoints motion; live metrics help trainers determine aspects each athlete needs to focus on. It may give a chance to feel ‘wow’.

Prop-Tech & Construct-Tech: Prop-Tech is changing the way we buy, sell, and interact with properties. Big data, property management software, (IoT) devices, data analysis tools, A/R and V/R applications, and crowdfunding are some of the sub-sectors. This includes project management software, job-site survey tools, building information modeling, modular and pre-fabrication solutions, and risk management tools.

Museum-Tech: This is something unique at Cairo ICT. Let us quote the statement of the event manager, Osama Kamal: “The region is seeing a boom in building museums, not only in countries with a long heritage but also in countries who want to own artifacts from around the world to establish their own culture attraction. Technologies in this domain are endless.”

TECHx Media, the one-stop media solution for technology community, brings all the realtime technology information to all the stakeholders with a focus on the domain of technology news. A unique mission with a cause. Follow us at Cairo ICT.


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