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Camel Dash now available to download & play from HUAWEI AppGallery

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Camel Dash combines the fun and excitement of hyper-casual games with the Arabian culture and is now available to download and play from HUAWEI AppGallery.

The newly launched game, by UAE-based Boss Bunny Games, is being added to the rapidly expanding HUAWEI AppGallery on HONOR and HUAWEI devices. Players will get the chance to pick from one of the many fun local characters or camels to steer their way across different worlds and levels. To be successful they must dodge traps and obstacles while collecting Arabian inspired jewellery and artifacts. The game also features various challenges across each level. These include alternative paths and layouts to reach the Palace at the end of each chapter before proceeding to the next stage, ensuring players are always kept engaged in the action.

Geraint Bungay, Co-Founder & CEO from Boss Bunny commented: “With the HUAWEI AppGallery continuing to expand rapidly in the UAE, and developers seeing impressive growth, we are thrilled to launch on the platform. We are confident that HUAWEI AppGallery will do its best to provide a good experience for Camel Dash and its players.” 

Adam Xiao, Managing Director, HMS and Consumer Cloud Service for Huawei Consumer Business Group MEA, said: “We are excited to see our local partners in the UAE utilizing HUAWEI AppGallery to get their apps out to their relevant audience. The platform has seen many success stories of local and global developers and it is a matter of pride to have witnessed one more. We are committed to our partners’ success and will keep empowering them with all the resources and tools they need to access a larger user base and achieve growth and consumer benefit.”

When it comes to gaming, the HUAWEI AppGallery is rapidly becoming the hot new destination for mobile gamers, with the most popular games available for download on HUAWEI and HONOR devices.

The HUAWEI AppGallery has over 460 million users and is available in more than 170 countries and regions. The platform is committed to providing users with the best app download experience and is doing so by actively reaching out to developers of popular apps and inviting them to join. To date, HUAWEI AppGallery has aggregated a remarkable catalogue of apps across 18 diverse categories, including games, news, social media, and more.


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