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Cartlow enters new growth phase with executive hires

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Cartlow announced the addition of two senior members to its leadership team, Anas Al-Khaldi as Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Mahmoud Zou Al Ghina as Commercial Director. The company’s latest hiring comes as a result of its rapidly growing reverse logistics solutions operations and the growth of the re-commerce scene in the region.

Over the past two years, Cartlow has continued to expand its team and client base by providing convenience to both consumers and businesses alike, and is now working with some of the biggest retailers and brands in the UAE, offering them advanced reverse logistics solutions that will optimize their return management and sales channels capabilities. Nowadays, leading retailers and brands are rethinking the way they manage returned and overstock merchandise, focusing on achieving higher inventory recovery rates, improving warehouse utilization and reducing overall handling costs.

Commenting on Cartlow’s latest executive team appointments, Mohammad Sleiman, Founder & CEO at Cartlow said: “We are very eager to continue to grow and scale-up our re-commerce business to deliver more value and results for our clients, business, shareholders and the economy as a whole. As we enter this next growth phase, I feel very thrilled to welcome Anas Al-Khaldi and Mahmoud Zou Al Ghina to our leadership team. Both new hires have previously contributed to the successful building and development of one of the world’s leading e-commerce systems [] within this region.”

Joining Cartlow as Chief Operating Officer (COO), Anas Al-Khaldi boasts 16 years of experience across various industries and businesses, leading finance and operation functions through managing large teams and departments, with more than 80 employees under his supervision. In the past five years, Anas has worked alongside the executive team of where he assisted the company to propel its e-commerce presence in the MENAP region.

Anas’ key responsibility at Cartlow will entail building high performance teams to drive digital transformation, planning and implementing global expansion strategies, setting comprehensive goals for performance and growth while driving solid operations and an exceptional customer experience.

Joining as the Commercial Director at Cartlow, Mahmoud Zou Al Ghina, will bring more than 15 years of experience to the company, as an ex-team leader at Mahmoud’s new role at Cartlow will focus on developing and leading the re-commerce marketplace strategy, growth, business development and sales management operations. Moreover, Mahmoud will run the commercial department team, with the mission of introducing the reverse commerce ecosystem to local retailers, digitizing the re-commerce industry and offering end-to-end re-commerce management solutions to support the digital transformation of the used and refurbished market.

Previously working as Strategy Planner at, Mahmoud has also contributed to structuring the MP seller functions and helped execute an international seller program which provided millions of products to local customers.


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