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CNNB Solutions announces exclusive partnership with IT Cosmetics

CNNB Solutions announced exclusive partnership with global beauty brand IT Cosmetics. Started in 2008 by co-founders Jamie Kern Lima and Paulo Lima, IT Cosmetics was acquired by L’Oreal in 2016 and has expanded to more than 20 global markets. Now expanding across MENA, IT Cosmetics has selected CNNB Solutions to handle multiple operational areas for its eCommerce and eDistribution requirements.

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Petal Search Shopping Festival - e-commerce platforms - MENA - techxmedia

Petal Search Shopping Festival with top e-commerce platforms reaches MENA

Lu Geng said, “Through our new venture, Petal Search, we are bringing the ease of online shopping to our consumers by collaborating with leading e-commerce platforms and ensuring enriching shopping experiences by bringing quality products for our end-users. Petal Search features a price comparison tool that allows shoppers and travellers to grab the best deals across multiple brands.”

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Nicolas Bruylants - Co-founder and CVO - CNNB Solutions - 2022 MENA eCommerce sales- techxmedia

CNNB Solutions unveils 2022 MENA eCommerce sales to reach 50 Billion

Nicolas Bruylants said, “MENA’s eCommerce market is evolving and 2022 will be a gold rush for brands that can capture increasing number of customers who prefer to shop online. E-Commerce sales will grow to 50 billion dollars in 2022, propelled by increased online shopping adoption, access to digital financing, improvements in logistics and delivery options, and brands adopting direct-to-consumer strategies.”

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Suha-Haddad - Director - Agencies - Ecosystem-Development - MENA - Meta - Saudi e-commerce market - SAR 50 Billion - 2025 - techxmedia

Saudi e-commerce market value predicted to exceed SAR 50 Billion by 2025

“The e-commerce market in Saudi Arabia is smaller in comparison to some of the bigger e-commerce markets, such as China, US, and the UK, however, its tremendous potential is already apparent despite its infancy, and the advancement of a robust e-commerce ecosystem in the years ahead will present a multitude of economic and social benefits,” said Pablo Martinez, BCG.

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