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Cloud Box partners with UnoMero to provide diverse applications to customers

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Cloud Box Technologies in partnership with UnoMero to further boost a fast-growing software solutions company that produces innovations that may be used in real-world scenarios. The business centric suite of applications is industry firsts that are focused on converting businesses into more sustainable and digitally flexible entities.

Commenting on the new partnership, Ranjith Kaippada, Managing Director at Cloud Box Technologies said, “Our services and offerings will be taken to the customers in a collaborative approach where we will jointly oversee every project with UnoMero. We look at this not just as a business opportunity but as a commitment to succeed together. Besides providing products, we have strategically outlined our value-added service offerings which include consultancy, solution development as well as integrations.”

Cloud Box Technologies is currently tasked with conducting business in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as an UnoMero solutions partner. They will offer a diverse application suite and give consumers a new way to deploy innovation tailored to their specific demands.

Harish Abdul Wahab, Director Sales & Operations EMEA at UnoMero said,” We have followed the consistent growth of Cloud Box Technologies.  While they have an experienced pool of IT sales and technical consultants to support their large customer demands, we are very confident that together we are able to offer a host of value additions to a diversified set of customers. We will help these customers to collaborate, communicate and efficiently manage their business functions.”

“With an application suite from UnoMero that spans across healthcare, retail, education, hospitality, government and public sector, aviation and ports, banking and finance, oil and gas, media and entertainment, and, manufacturing and distribution, Cloud Box technologies will now be in a strong position to help customers to make informed choices with a greater degree of flexibility and scalability to assist businesses with technology adoption,” said, Supin Sudharsam, Director Products & Services EMEA at UnoMero.  

Cloud Box Solutions has purposefully partnered with vendors who can assist them in delivering sophisticated technologies that help customers adapt to the digital transformation era and achieve their strategic business goals. Simultaneously, the company has made considerable expenditures in bringing on competent people to ensure that clients receive high-quality service.


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