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Cloudhoods upgrades its application to enhance user experience

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Aimed at connecting like-minded moms and empowering women through motherhood, Cloudhoods unveils an upgrade of its application for a more enhanced user experience. Having built an online community of ten thousand mothers, and over a hundred expert contributors within the first year of the launch, Cloudhoods has taken on user-feedback integrating new solutions for an enhanced experience. The transformation involves wider geographic reach, an upgraded interface as well as a variety of additional features to offer moms a better and faster version of the app.

Having amassed thousands of engagements within the first year, Cloudhoods is a local champion that serves the millennial generation of moms – modernizing parenthood in the Middle East. The application provides women with a platform to connect, discover, organize, and engage in relevant local events, workshops, and meet-ups in the city they reside in. With a mission to support women in their motherhood journey, the brand creates a distinct network that a woman can access to integrate into a new community.

With over 100 contributors that have generated over 500 pieces of content, the elevated app design has simplified the process for filtering through articles and information. With expert contributors spanning dieticians, nutritionists, life coaches, counselors, personal trainers, and stylists, Cloudhoods allows users to access recipes, exercise tips, and parenting advice simply by scrolling through the app.

Other additional features, like allowing users to connect, encourage women to ask questions, seek advice, build friendships, and meet, with or without kids. Entrepreneurial mothers can even use the app to collaborate for job opportunities. Using geographic, demographic, and behavioral data, the application provides local mums with nearby information and tips to guide them on their new life with children. The upgrade also allows users to search on a wider geographical area across the city; this includes events, workshops, playdates, and even networking opportunities for working mothers.

From organizing meetups and playdates to getting professional expertise, Cloudhoods is the ultimate solution for mothers who look for a supportive and enhanced experience of modern motherhood.

Cloudhoods’ app reach currently spans the UAE, Lebanon, and Egypt with plans to expand further in the coming months.


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