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CNNB Solutions unveils 2022 MENA eCommerce sales to reach 50 Billion

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CNNB Solutions has released the conclusions of its 2022 MENA eCommerce Report, which predicts that eCommerce sales in the region will reach $50 billion in the next year.

CNNB Solutions assembled the latest data and insights on the present status of eCommerce across the MENA region and its potential impact heading into 2022 in collaboration with its partners, including input from logistics and shipping solutions supplier Aramex and buy-now, pay-later expert tabby.

Nicolas Bruylants, Co-founder and CVO of CNNB Solutions said, “MENA’s eCommerce market is rapidly evolving and 2022 will be a gold rush for brands that can capture the increasing number of customers who prefer to shop online. E-Commerce sales will grow to 50 billion dollars in 2022, propelled by increased online shopping adoption, access to digital financing, improvements in logistics and delivery options, and brands adopting direct-to-consumer strategies.”

Aramex, the world’s largest logistics company, provided insight into the survey, stating that Saudi Arabia has the region’s greatest potential for logistics sector expansion and demand for eCommerce space. Saudi Arabia, in fact, is outpacing the UAE in terms of regional eCommerce growth (39 percent CAGR) (38 per cent CAGR).

According to Aramex, same-day delivery, efficient returns handling, and providing consumers with end-to-end visibility are all critical components of a positive customer experience. In 2022, automated storage and retrieval systems, automated fulfilment, smart inventory, augmented reality, voice picking, visual picking, and robotics were chosen as some of the trends to watch in eCommerce, warehousing, and logistics.

Meanwhile, tabby, a buy-now, pay-later expert, contributed to the research and identified eCommerce seller financing, refunds, and physical experiences as important industry prospects in 2022.

Other findings from the report include:

∙         91 per cent of customers in MENA have become digital converts and will continue to buy online, with 73 per cent saying they shop more online since the pandemic

∙         UAE online consumer spend is the highest across the region, averaging an annual spend of 1,648 dollars per person

∙         68 per cent of customers in Egypt and 67 per cent in UAE, said they were more likely to shop with brands that used ethically sourced ingredients and materials, recyclable packaging and a more carbon friendly manufacturing process, compared to the global benchmark of 50 per cent

∙         MENA shoppers are looking for safe and secure online payments – more than 60 per cent of people believe secure checkout is fundamental for a good online shopping experience


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