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CommScope introduces hardened connector Prodigy portfolio

Networking Technology

CommScope introduced its new hardened connector Prodigy™, designed to accelerate and simplify field installation for future fiber networks.

“Prodigy revolutionizes network architecture by making FTTH installations truly plug-and-play,” said Rob Wessels, vice president, Network Cable, CommScope.

He also said, “We worked closely with our global operator customers to create and refine Prodigy—applying our broad vision for faster and simpler FTTH networks to building the best connector solutions. These hardened connections will enable operators to simplify installation and minimize their cable footprint today, while facilitating the necessary upgrades and maintenance to their networks for years to come.”

The Prodigy system uses universal, small-form protected connectors for interoperability across numerous fiber terminals and cable assemblies. Because of the compact footprint, smaller, higher-density terminal footprints are conceivable, and self-aligning connections lessen the chance of connection failures. Converter attachments can be installed without having to replace or splice the drop cable, making cable replacements and upgrades easier.

Commscope-hardened connector Prodigy portfolio - techxmedia

Prodigy addresses the key demands of modern FTTH installations: speed, density, reliability, flexibility, scalability, and ease of installation. Highlights of the Prodigy system include:

  • Universal, small-form hardened connector for high-density environments
  • Self-guided automatic alignment with self-locking mechanisms for eliminating connection errors and accidental release
  • Break-free design enabling reuse of the Prodigy connector in the event of field connection issues
  • Cable assemblies available with 5mm round and figure-8 cables in lengths up to 600 meters

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