CommScope, Microsoft partnership to transform industrial manufacturing

CommScope has announced a partnership with Microsoft to develop a converged private wireless network solution that will enable new low-latency and mobile applications to transform industrial manufacturing.

“CommScope is excited to work with Microsoft to enable the next generation of private wireless networks,” said Upendra Pingle, SVP Intelligent Cellular Networks, CommScope. “We have deployed Microsoft’s private MEC platform in combination with CBRS access points in our own manufacturing innovation center to improve operational efficiencies. Together, we are showcasing the immediate, real-world advantages of private networking in industrial manufacturing, as our combined solution paves the way for the evolution of private wireless networks and manufacturing.”

CommScope successfully deployed the combined solution in its own manufacturing innovation center in Shakopee, Minnesota, by utilizing Microsoft Azure private MEC and CommScope CBRS access points. CommScope is already improving the operational efficiency and manufacturing agility of its facilities by utilizing this cloud-connected, low-latency private wireless network.

“We see a tremendous opportunity to transform workforce efficiency by making it easy to deploy and develop private wireless that can underpin agile factories,” said Shriraj Gaglani, GM for Azure for Operators at Microsoft. “We collaborated with CommScope to implement use cases that increase worker and production line efficiency, and to help incubate and inspire industry 4.0 transformations.”

This solution provides factory engineers with augmented reality applications and cloud-based manufacturing tools. To improve production ramp times and worker capabilities, this includes immersive technology training, aggregated assembly line data, and real-time remote assistance. CommScope also uses its low-latency wireless network to move testing equipment throughout the manufacturing line. For example, specialized microscopes are now mobile, allowing fiber optic quality testing to be performed anywhere in real time rather than pulling product off the line.


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