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Connectivity is oxygen of the digital world, says Huawei CTO

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By Rabab Zehra, Executive Editor, TECHx

The Huawei Middle East IP Club Carnival 2022 highlighted the future of IP networking in the Middle East last month.

Global Huawei experts and analysts, as well as Huawei customers, partners, and industry analysts got together under the theme ‘Cloud-Network Synergy’ to discuss the latest network technology trends and how enterprises can transition into the intelligent era and improve their digital development strategies.

‘The event is about connecting with our customers and letting them know of the latest innovations and technological advancements, products and solutions that Huawei is bringing to the market,’ told Faisal Ameer Malik, CTO, Huawei Enterprise Group, Middle East, to TECHx Media

“As we always say, connectivity or networks are the oxygen of the digital world, and as we move forward, even into the post-covid 19 era, digital transformation has accelerated and all organizations are setting very aggressive transformation goals; hence, the value of networks is increasing,” Malik added.

Malik continued, speaking about Huawei’s new solutions: “We are also introducing a lot of new solutions to our customers. We’re talking about Cloud Fabric 3.0, which is a data center network solution portfolio. In addition, we are bringing in the industry’s leading level 3.5 autonomous driving network solution. We are also discussing with our customers the possibility of assisting them in the development of a zero packet loss ultra low latency network for their high performance computing requirements. From the data center to the WAN, we’re introducing our Cloud WAN 30 solution, where we help our customers build their backbones and introduce new technologies.”

When asked about Huawei’s cybersecurity products and solutions, Malik stated, “We have our High Tech 3.0, a special solution that caters to our customers’ needs when it comes to network security or making it part of their overall cybersecurity portfolio or strategy.” 

“When we talk about cyber security, we don’t usually meet it by introducing a single box or platform into your network or ICT environment. It entails a lot of things, such as how you protect your data centers, cloud environment, network environment, access controls, and so on “Malik concluded.

The one-of-a-kind event gathered thought leaders to explore the technical development trends of Intelligent Cloud-Networks, delve deep into Huawei Datacom’s latest progress in deterministic experiences, and discover industry best practices.


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