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CorporateStack unveils new design house

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CorporateStack announced that the company has diversified its business with the launch of a new creative design house: Pixels Tree.

With the world moving towards a digital economy and various companies embracing digitalization, Pixels Tree marks the first step of pushing CorporateStack to be part of the digital economy, as the company identifies itself with a mission to create a refined digital world by offering unique and innovative solutions in the digital world.

Considering that one of the company’s main goals is to diversify its business, as well as establish its contribution to the worldwide technology innovations, this launch is considered a crucial step of numerous ones to come.

Commenting on the launch of its new design house, Osama Mortada, the CEO and managing director for CorporateStack said: “We are extremely excited about our new venture and with the world moving into the digitalized direction, Pixels Tree will offer digital solutions that will help companies reinvent themselves through both eye-catching and aesthetically-pleasing digital platforms.”

PixelsTree with its presence in three countries; UAE, Egypt, and Canada, has its sight set on the global market.

The company specializes in developing the digital footprint for companies across various industry verticals. A strong team of digital marketers, SEO specialists, web developers, creative designers, and content writers offer a wide range of digital marketing solutions.

“Our creative and innovative website designs combined with strong storytelling and characters to showcase. Through our creative and original website designs, content creation, digital marketing, and multimedia production, we can mirror the brand’s character. Also, our SEO services will enhance the visibility and drive traffic to the websites, while touching base with the right target audience,” Mortada added.

“We intend to be a leading player in the digital world and our solutions will not only just energize brands to attract customers, but will also help them establish their identity in a new and exciting way. Our world-class services enable businesses to establish their presence as well as we help them scale up to a global level, thanks to our modern designs and out-of-box digital marketing solutions,” Mortada concluded.


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