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Cosmopolitan Middle East to tap into billion dollar gaming industry with online e-sports tournament


The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world and is projected to be a $257 billion industry by 2025, with Gen-Zers making up 90% of the players.

In a strategic move to enter this highly profitable market, Cosmopolitan Middle East, the largest international media brand in the region for Gen Z and millennials, is teaming up with ITP Gaming, organizers of the biggest title launches and tournaments in the region, to tap into the multi-billion dollar e-sports industry through the launch of the Cosmo Cup, the first-ever female-focused online gaming tournament in the GCC.

The rise of e-sports in the region sees the Middle East now account for a 3.2% share of global gaming revenues and is the fastest-growing region with revenue increasing +14.5% year-on-year, with Saudi Arabia and the UAE ranking in the top five countries across the MENA region.

The fast-evolving tech landscape means it‘s getting even harder for brands to reach younger consumers. Through the Cosmo Cup, Cosmopolitan Middle East is creating unique opportunities for brands to access this evolving, exciting and fast-growing market.

Kicking off at the end of September, the online competition will see gamers compete for first, second, and third place through a three-week gaming format.



Milli Midwood, Editor in Chief of Cosmo ME: “From Louis Vuitton to Benefit Cosmetics, a new stream of fashion and beauty brands are targeting and trying to engage with this hard-to-reach young demographic through one of the fastest-growing global markets. Multiple sectors are vying for young consumers’ attention, and with social distancing making in-person meet-ups, sporting events and physical competitions impossible, the rise of gamers has accelerated.

“Cosmo has always been the voice of the younger generation,” Milli continues, “and now, as we look into the future through the apertures of Gen-Z’s screens, the results indicate a new direction in how these young people want to communicate – and it’s through gaming. The Esports industry has become more than just a place to compete against one another, it is a place where people build online communities.”

Alia Fawad, Director of ITP Gaming, adds, “It’s great to see a brand like Cosmo ME taking the lead in gaming in this region. The exponential growth of gaming among young women, particularly women in Saudi Arabia, shows that the Cosmo Cup will be the perfect platform for gamers to take part in this competitive tournament. Players and game enthusiasts are at the center of the gaming ecosystem surrounded by publishers, streaming platforms, content creators, professional teams, and competitive tournaments and it is amazing to see Cosmo ME embracing this industry.”

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