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CSK to launch a new IoT engagement platform for fans this IPL

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Chennai Super Kings (CSK) has unveiled a brand new platform at this year’s IPL to connect with their die-hard fans. A platform unlike anything else seen anywhere in the world, FanPlayIoT leverages advances in Wearables, IoT, and Cloud architectures – combining them with Neuroscience, taking fans to the front and centre of the game.

“Our Fan Base is our biggest asset,” CSK CEO KS Viswanathan said. “We constantly look for ways to engage and involve our fans, both during and between seasons. With the 2020 IPL moved to the UAE, we required something different to connect with our fans and are thrilled to launch a brand new fan engagement platform,” Mr Viswanathan added.

Dr Mohan Kumar, one of India’s foremost experts in Wearable Systems and Founder of FanPlayIoT said, “CSK Fans are a special breed. Nowhere else will you find the combination of Cerebral & Tech-savvy with ‘Raw Whistle Podu’ passion. That is exactly what we want to capture – the Unique Fan Language that combines Verbal, Emotional, and Motion vectors; or what we call manifestations of sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Our platform captures that FAN PASSION QUOTIENT and enables us to reward those Super Fans”.

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A variety of Wearables & IoT Devices, from Fan Bands to Pendants, from Key chains to Pennants, all incorporating intelligence, are being launched in the coming weeks. They are all designed with one intent – capturing a Fan’s excitement, wherever on the globe they might be, and beaming it back to CSK digitally via the FanPlayIoT app. And the most passionate fans in every game and across the season will be recognized and rewarded.

It is a unique opportunity for brands to onboard onto, arguably, the first of its kind sports IoT Platform, to connect with the legions of CSK Fans across the globe in a very focused and targeted fashion. More importantly, it is a special offering for Fans to transport their love and emotion for CSK, wherever they might be….and make it count to a Billion Heartbeats and more!!


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