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CyberKnight’s Women in Shining Armor on International Women’s Day

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This International Women’s Day 2021, TECHx brings you important messages from Women Leaders in Technology across Middle East. Here CyberKnight’s inspiring women speak with TECHx on their background & experience, professional interest, role model and next five years’ goals.

Racha Abdallah, Sr. Security Consultant

Background and experience: Racha has a distinguished career spanning over 12 years. Racha oversaw technical and business operations for high-growth organizations including MSSP and Value-Added Distribution companies where she held different roles in solution design and consultancy, professional services and post-sales support. Rasha has previously worked for Crystal Networks, Exclusive Networks and Spire Solutions. She earned a Masters in Computer and Communications Engineering from Antonin University – Baabda.

Why CyberKnight? CyberKnight has changed the concept of traditional distribution and introduced a unique, transparent and value-driven approach powered by the Zero Trust Security (ZTX) Framework. As a Security Consultant, I enjoy my mission in helping regional organizations tackle cyberthreats, improve their security posture, accelerate incident response and enhance compliance.

While I worked with multiple distributors, I find that CyberKnight is unique. The Company doesn’t just sell products but continuously strives to understand customers’ challenges and needs and guide them in line with industry best practices. I admire my team’s passion and energy.

Professional interest: Sky is my limit: I am always keen to learn new skills.

Role model: Bruce Lee – “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? One day I hope to be in a managerial role at CyberKnight and, perhaps, lead the product strategy team.

Geetha Yechana, Business Unit Head, CrowdStrike

Background and experience: Geetha graduated with a degree in Computer Applications from Osmania University. She has over 15 years of experience in Product and Channel Management roles. Geetha worked across different cybersecurity-focused value-added distributors in the Middle East such as Ingram Micro, Arrow Electronics, StarLink as well as Dell. She has a proven track record of building strong partner alliances as well as relationship management.

Why CyberKnight? CyberKnight’s culture, values, leadership, and vision make the company a special place. I believe I bring the right experience, relevant set of skills and passion to the organization. I take pride in working for CyberKnight that I strongly believe will lead the future of cybersecurity distribution in the region in the near future. I enjoy being a part of the team committed to helping one another to succeed.

Professional interest: Channel Management, Business Development, Vendor Management

Role model: My mother and my female colleagues.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I will be looking for opportunities to expand my responsibilities potentially taking up a leadership role. I’m motivated by connecting my initiatives to CyberKnight’s larger goals.

Eman Alkhatib, UAE Sales Manager

Background and experience: Eman graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the King Saud University. She is a seasoned sales individual with over 10 experience in cybersecurity. Before joining CyberKnight she worked for global leading information security Vendors such as Stonesoft, McAfee, Forcepoint and Tenable.

Why CyberKnight? I see a great value for our Customers in the Zero Trust Security mission that CyberKnight builds their products and solution portfolio around. We choose the best-of-breed technologies to address today’s most critical cybersecurity issues in the most sensitive organizations.  I am happy to bring to the Company my passion and my customer network I have built over a decade that I believe will contribute to the success of CyberKnight.

Professional interest:  Helping others to be in their comfort zone of security. 

Role model: HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid. I admire His great vision and putting Dubai on the international map. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Starting my own business.

Olesya Pavlova, VP of Marketing

Background and experience: Olesya is a seasoned marketing strategist with more than 12 years of relevant experience in the Middle East, Scandinavia and Russia. Olesya has a proven track record leading marketing functions and team management, including brand creation, demand generation, digital marketing, media relations for both large and boutique organizations. Before joining CyberKnight, she worked for Shifra, Arrow Electronics and Spire Solutions. Olesya earned a Masters of Business Administration and Marketing from Mid Sweden University, and a Masters of Finance and Management from The Treasury University of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

Why CyberKnight? I am lucky to be with the Company from the very beginning. In 2019, when the initial idea of CyberKnight emerged, I truly believed in the success of this venture as I was confident about the leadership team, value to the market the company brings as well as growing demand for cybersecurity in the region. As the Vice President of Marketing, I am responsible for CyberKnight’s marketing strategy as well as the company’s accelerated growth in the region and creating value for vendors, channel partners and end-customers.

Professional interest: B2B Marketing for Cybersecurity (ABM, Content and Digital Marketing).

Role model: Adena Friedman, the first woman to lead a major U.S. stock exchange.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years, I see myself leading a larger marketing team, taking over global marketing at CyberKnight as it expands globally. I am definitely up for this challenge! In addition, I would like to find myself in a position to advise others in the field, putting my experience to use in ways that help others achieve what they aspire to become.

Shahd Eldokky, Product Manager, PhishRod

Background and experience: Shahd graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and majored in Marketing. Shahd has over 4 years of experience in Sales and Marketing gained from a multinational cybersecurity company, Forcepoint.

Why CyberKnight? I decided to join CyberKnight as a Product Manager for PhishRod because I believe in the value the product brings to customers when it comes to phishing defense and security awareness. At CyberKnight, I enjoy the culture of motivation and appreciation.

Professional interest: Interaction with customers and partners. Learning more about the latest trends in technology and next-generation cybersecurity products.

Role model: My Father

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Leading a successful Sales team at PhishRod. Hopefully, by that time the Company will become the market leader in Phishing Defense and Security Awareness.


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