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D-Link unveils EAGLE PRO AI series at 2021 Q3 product launch

Networking Technology

D-Link Corporation has unveiled their latest EAGLE PRO AI product series at the D-Link Product Launch Conference. Mark Chen, president of D-Link, began by outlining the pandemic’s effects on the networking industry. As more people work, play, and study at home, the pandemic has hastened the digital transformation of the house, resulting in enhanced network experiences. D-Link’s most recent technologies support the post-covid lifestyle by delivering intelligent, strong network connections for bandwidth-intensive applications in densely populated households. D-Link also highlighted their three product development methods for producing breakthroughs that allow the current digital revolution throughout the conference. D-Link improves the performance of home networks by producing solutions that use AI technology to identify network issues and adjust accordingly. D-Link Green is their environmentally friendly approach to packaging goals, ensuring that their corporate responsibility goals are satisfied. D-Link is also dedicated to creating a vertically integrated ecosystem of network communication equipment that meets the Made In Taiwan (MIT) quality assurance standard.

“We have dedicated our efforts to creating the world’s most advanced series of routers, range extenders, and mesh devices, all powered by Wi-Fi 6 and AI Technology, said Mark Chen, President of D-Link. “This revolutionary Wi-Fi series ensures everyone in the family stays connected online, at all times, no matter what they’re doing. Perfect for the modern smart home, with lots of connected devices.”

D-Link’s new EAGLE PRO AI Series has a wide selection of routers to meet everyone’s home Wi-Fi and 4G Wi-Fi demands. The R15 AX1500 Wi-Fi 6 Smart Router, M15 AX1500 Mesh Router, and E15 AX1500 Mesh Range Extender are equipped with Wi-Fi 6 Technology, which provides up to four times greater capacity and a 40 percent improvement in throughput over Wi-Fi 5. For today’s generation of consumers who expect simultaneous connectivity of many devices at home, Wi-Fi 6 provides continuous, high-quality online experiences. The R03, R04, and R12 Wi-Fi AI Routers are entry-level devices that feature the newest WPA3 security encryption for more secure connectivity in emerging areas. The EAGLE PRO AI series also comprises the G415 and G416 4G AI Routers, as well as the G403 and G412 entry-level versions, all of which include two built-in external LTE antennas. The G416 also employs Carrier Aggregation Technology to increase internet rates up to 300 Mbps. Carrier Aggregation is the cornerstone for constructing 4G and 5G networks, since it allows several frequency bands to be combined for higher peak rates and greater cell coverage.

The series routers are equipped with built-in EAGLE PRO AI capabilities, which monitors traffic and improves the home network. The AI Wi-Fi Optimizer searches and monitors the network in real time to ensure that users are connected to the optimum Wi-Fi channel. D-AI Link’s Mesh Optimizer is an AI-enhanced Beamforming Technology that provides more strong, dependable Wi-Fi across the home. The AI Traffic Optimizer prioritises and assigns bandwidth to different apps automatically, while also informing users about which devices are creating congestion. The AI Assistant collects actionable data to keep users informed about network quality, and AI Parental Control gives parents greater control and freedom over their children’s online activity. The EAGLE PRO AI App has an integrated SpeedTest to evaluate Internet speed, a Health Mode to manage sleep patterns, and voice control compatibility for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The EAGLE PRO AI series is a first-of-its-kind Wi-Fi solution that enables customers to embrace the new stay-at-home lifestyle and rethink home Wi-Fi. D-Link’s EAGLE PRO AI series delivers quicker, more secure, and more dependable connectivity for endless possibilities, whether for video conferences, HD streaming, or high-quality gaming.


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