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Dell Technologies drives a new era of modern support and security

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Dell Technologies is driving a new era of modern support and security. In today’s “do anything from anywhere” world, the PC is more than simply a tool; it has evolved into the primary point of connection for business and communication. Employees rely on it as a portal for cooperation and productivity, and any outage is extremely damaging to the bottom line.

New Dell Technologies support services and security solutions improve IT leaders’ ability to give employees a modern, intelligent, and secure PC experience. The ProSupport Suite for PCs now has new capabilities that are built on artificial intelligence and an always-on approach to make IT assistance easier and more customized. New endpoint security options add new security verification capabilities and extra defenses below the operating system to the industry’s most secure commercial PCs.

“If your PCs aren’t productive, your employees aren’t either,” said Patrick Moorhead, founder, and chief analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy.

He added, “Support services and security offerings must evolve with changing employee experiences and stay ahead of the threats that exist at every corner. I believe Dell Technologies is stepping up to the plate with some unique offerings that are designed with the future in mind.”

ProSupport Suite for PCs maximizes productivity and uptime with new features that customize and tailor IT support 

According to a recent Forrester Consulting survey, 70% of businesses aim to expand their investment in remote workers in the coming year. IT administrators can now customize and automate the way they support staff and optimize PCs with ProSupport Suite for PCs. The following are some of the new features:

Customizable IT management tools: ProSupport Suite for PC is the only support service to offer IT managers automated custom update catalog management and deployment. They can now automatically and remotely update Dell BIOS, drivers, firmware, and apps and tailor how those updates are organised and managed.

Tailored, actionable information for PC fleet in one place: For the first time, IT administrators can monitor the health, application experience, and security scores for their entire Dell PC fleet in one spot. They may use those scores over time to identify performance trends and take fast action when needed, all while working remotely, thanks to Dell Technologies’ AI-powered services support software’s specialized recommendations and utilization metrics.

Customized, remote workflows: IT managers may also predetermine who receives updates automatically and how they are managed by using a customized rules engine to build and organize remote remediation workflows at scale.

  • ProSupport Suite for PCs features available to channel partners and their customers: Within the ProSupport Suite for PCs, channel partners have access to the full range of our AI-driven assistance, tools, and site. Partners can use SupportAssist in TechDirect to view and manage the support experience for numerous businesses, and they can use Dell Technologies’ expertise to solve client problems on a case-by-case or fleet-wide basis.

“The role of IT has never been more important. While the mission remains the same – keep everyone productive and systems up and running –the operations behind it have become a lot more complicated, especially with the amount of data and opportunities at the edge ever-increasing,” said Doug Schmitt, president of Services, Dell Technologies.

Further said, “Our approach to IT services is built on an AI-driven, adaptive, always-on foundation, taking today’s realities and future customer needs into consideration. At the end of the day, the new capabilities are about helping IT leaders see ahead, and stay ahead while providing workforces around the world the ability to continue collaborating and innovating without disruption.”

Doubling down with innovations for the industry’s most secure and intelligent commercial PC portfolio with built-in AI

Novel attack vectors have emerged at the endpoint as a result of the rapid move to remote work, increased usage of cloud apps, and new ways of meeting employee productivity needs. Because attacks have become increasingly complex and difficult to identify, every organization, regardless of location, industry, or size, is a target. According to recent data, 44 percent of firms have faced at least one hardware-level or BIOS assault in the last year. To be effective, an endpoint security plan must examine the whole attack surface, including supply chain hardware and firmware.

Throughout the supply chain and device lifecycle, the Dell Trusted Devices security suite helps protect Dell business PCs. This comprehensive portfolio of above- and below-the-OS security solutions uses intelligence to help businesses prevent, identify, and respond to threats with faster mean-time-to-detect (MTTD) and mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) times.

Dell Technologies builds upon its leadership position with new security capabilities that include:

  • Advanced Secure Component Verification for PCs Customers may check that Dell commercial PCs and essential components arrive as ordered and constructed. Dell Technologies is the industry’s first commercial PC maker to have this functionality built-in, enhancing supply chain security and integrity controls.
  • Intel Management Engine (ME) verification crucial system firmware and detects manipulation. Intel ME Verification’s initial release focuses on boot operations that are crucial to system security and adds extra layers of protection below the operating system.
  • Dell Trusted Device Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Integration provides customers with comprehensive visibility to important below-the-OS security events. It enables a thorough examination of the organization’s security situation while also allowing them to maximize the return on existing security investments.

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