Digital transformation is the path towards achieving a thriving digital economy, says Claudia Gomez

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An interview with Claudia Gomez, Vice President Global Marketing – Secure Power, Schneider Electric, a French company that specialises in digital automation and energy management, talking about Schneider Electric’s participation in Gitex 2022 and what digital transformation means to the company

TECHx: How is Schneider Electric merging sustainability with technology?

Claudia: Schneider Electric is paving the way towards a more electric and digitally-powered world and is well-equipped to address the ongoing global climate crisis.

We aim to deploy Electricity 4.0 across homes, buildings, data centres, industries, infrastructure and grids. Our products, systems, software and services are aimed at achieving a more sustainable, resilient and energy-efficient future.

Recognising that electricity is the most efficient energy and an ideal vector for decarbonisation, we at Schneider Electric are leveraging electricity to make our processes more resilient. 

We are at the crossroads of digital transformation and sustainability and hope to leverage GITEX 2022 to share our solutions with key industry players.

TECHx: What innovative solutions is Schneider Electric displaying at GITEX 2022?

Claudia: Schneider Electric is delivering sustainable technologies at GITEX 2022 through a strong focus on energy-efficient and innovative solutions. We aim to help businesses across the region enjoy more energy savings, increase operational efficiency, and lower their carbon footprint. This year, we will showcase EcoStruxure, our open architecture platform, taking innovation, digitalization and operational efficiency a notch higher. We are also showcasing innovative and cutting-edge solutions for cybersecurity and Data centres of the Future at GITEX 2022.

TECHx: What does digital transformation truly mean to you?

Claudia: Real and meaningful digital transformation goes beyond the adoption of new technologies. Digital transformation is the path towards achieving a thriving digital economy. Schneider Electric is leading digital transformation in energy management and automation.

International Data Corporation (IDC) indicated that 2019 is the year that, ‘All digitally transformed organizations will generate at least 45% of their revenue from future of commerce business models.’ Schneider Electric is displaying a readiness for digital transformation and we are achieving this by shifting the focus from innovating technology to solving customer problems and creating a digital ecosystem of disruptors, academics and strategic partners.

It is not only about emerging and innovative or cutting-edge tech anymore. To be able to create a strong foundation for Data centres, Buildings and Industries of the Future, it is important that we treat sustainability as a business imperative and integrate it across our solutions. 

It is also important to understand that digital transformation efforts fail due to an overemphasis of technology as opposed to an emphasis on the people driving digital transformation. Digital transformation cannot be achieved without cultivating a digital mindset.

As we practise and embrace digital transformation at industry level, at every stage of our transformation, we’ve relied on the talent, motivation, and agility of our people to make the most of the new digital tools at our disposal.


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