du Launches Future X Program to Develop Next Generation of Digital Leaders

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du has launched Future X, an innovative graduate trainee program designed to cultivate the next wave of digital innovation leaders among UAE nationals. This program, part of du’s strategy to enhance digital capabilities, provides fresh graduates with a structured pathway from academia to professional roles.

Future X focuses on accelerating participants’ learning, fostering innovation, and promoting adaptability in a digital-first environment. It aims to equip UAE nationals with industry-relevant skills and prepare them for leadership in technology-driven sectors. According to Fatema Al Afeefi, Head of Employee Experience and HR Digitalization at du, “Future X is pivotal in our commitment to innovation excellence and Emiratisation. It empowers graduates to meet evolving market demands and contribute to a future-proof UAE.”

The program is structured around four core pillars: Digital Talent Learning, Culture of Innovation & Excellence, Adaptability & Integrity, and Collaboration & Engagement. These pillars ensure that participants develop versatile skills, ethical grounding, and collaborative abilities essential for success in the digital landscape.

Future X offers a comprehensive curriculum featuring specialized training paths, workshops, mentorship opportunities, and real-world projects. Graduates gain practical insights and tools necessary to thrive in their chosen specializations and contribute effectively to industry dynamics.

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