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Dubai based 21 year old launches UAE sports fan interaction app

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Amit Singh, a young entrepreneur from Dubai, has created a sports fan engagement app for UAE sports lovers, combining his passion for sports, technology, and gaming. Boomer 11 is a free-to-play mobile app with features such as Daily Fantasy Sports, Quizzes, Engagement Wall, Match updates, and real-time scorecards that allow users to become more involved in the sport they love by participating in challenges, sharing, and discussing sporting moments that matter to them.

The daily fantasy sports feature allows players to create a fantasy team based on real-life contests such as the Indian Premier League (IPL) and football competitions in order to win attractive prizes or Boomer cash. Boomer coins can be redeemed for prizes or branded merchandise on the Boomer App.

Amit Singh, a Dubai citizen and ardent gamer, sports enthusiast, technophile, and fitness fanatic, co-founded the Sports Fan Engagement Platform Boomer11 with two other friends to fill the void.

Amit-Singh-Founder-Boomer-11 - young entrepreneur - UAE sports fan interaction app - Dubai - techxmedia

“It was a revelation to see that in a country like UAE which has more than 55 % of ex-pats population from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, that are cricket fanatics and here the local cricket fantasy app was non-existent. There are more than 88.6 million Football Enthusiasts in the region, making it by far the most popular sport in the UAE cutting across locals, GCC, westerners, and Asians. This posed itself as a great opportunity to be tapped with the Fan engagement App” says Amit Singh, Founder, Boomer 11.

“COVID-19 has accelerated the underlying trend towards greater digitization and innovation. With more than 400 live sports events taking place in the UAE, digital sports fan engagement is a great opportunity, and we want to be the pioneer in the segment. The way we are growing right now, and amount of time spent by users, and the frequency of usage we are seeing, the opportunity is just massive. With encouraging support from the UAE government for startups, we aspire to be one of the 20 unicorns UAE aims to have by 2031” says Amit.

While people in the Middle East are passionate about sports, Boomer 11 is one of the first apps developed locally in the UAE that has the potential to attract both ex-pats and locals.

young entrepreneur - Amit Singh - Dubai - UAE sports fan interaction app - techxmedia

The Middle East has a vibrant sports ecosystem, with millions of people following sports like football, cricket, and basketball, as well as various athletic events such as the FIFA World Cup, Cricket T20 leagues, and the Cricket Abu Dhabi T10 league. There are no sports fan engagement applications aimed at Middle Eastern consumers, unlike the UK, US, and India.

Apart from the cofounding team, Boomer11 has assembled a small team of young sports and technology enthusiasts for content and technology in the UAE and India.

Unlike many international sports apps that focus on sports news, sports betting, or a single sport, Boomer 11 aims to give a highly interactive and skilled gamified experience for several sports customised for Middle Eastern sports fans in one app.

Boomer11, which has been mostly hidden until now and just published its online app six months ago.

Boomer11’s new Android app is now available, with an iOS app to follow in the following weeks.

The app is currently available in all nations in the region and features football and cricket, with hopes to add basketball and eSports in the near future.


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