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Dubai Chamber declares shift to 4.5-day work week

Government Industries

Dubai Chamber has declared that beginning January 3, 2022, it will switch to a 4.5-day work week, in line with a newly approved workweek for UAE federal government employees.

Monday -Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., the official working hours will be nine hours, and Friday will be four hours (8am-12pm).

Following extensive benchmarking and feasibility studies on the potential effects of the change on the economy, social and family ties, and overall wellness in the UAE, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources suggested the new workweek.

Through its website and mobile applications, the Chamber currently provides 50 smart services to Dubai’s business community. These services range from certificates of origin, attestation, ATA Carnets, and credit reports to economic research, market intelligence, policy advocacy, business mentorship, business matching, mediation, and e-commerce, startups, sustainability, CSR, legal issues, and international expansion training, seminars, and workshops.


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