Huawei-Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality & Huawei team up to accelerate digital transformation

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Dubai Municipality and Huawei have announced a collaboration project aimed at accelerating the digital transformation of the Municipality’s infrastructure as well as enhancing its services to the public. The project was unveiled during GITEX Technology Week 2020, one of the world’s leading technology exhibitions taking place in Dubai, UAE.

In recent years, Dubai Municipality has swiftly adopted a digital-first strategy while upgrading its legacy systems to make way for more scalable, efficient, and secure services. Its latest collaboration with Huawei is centered on creating a complete software-defined data center network (SDN). By relying less on physical hardware, the Municipality will be able to achieve cost savings and reduce the time to market new services, including infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platforms as a service (PaaS), to its stakeholders.    

Tapping into Huawei’s vast experience in data center technology, the Municipality will be able to simplify its operations by decoupling infrastructure from the intelligent software management platform. The use of open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) will make it easier for Municipality to integrate with any 3rd party systems in future. By design, the SDN approach also eliminates many of the manual configurations required by earlier systems, making the data center more programmable and scalable in meeting the Municipality’s evolving needs over the coming years.


Ms. Asmahan Al Zarooni, Director of Information Technology Department, Dubai Municipality, said: “Dubai Municipality aims to take advantage of global technologies and best practices to bring real benefits to local communities. This latest project with Huawei will help us to realize that digital transformation, achieve substantial time and cost savings, and foster even more innovative services in the future.”

Mr. Liujiawei, CEO Huawei, added: “Today’s enterprise data centers carry a large number of vital services and are constantly evolving in an increasingly digital world. We’re proud to be working with Dubai Municipality to look at the future of Dubai and the services being demanded by the public, helping them to meet those aspirations through super capacity, autonomous management, and the intelligent use of data.”

Under the slogan of ‘New Value Together’, Huawei showcased its largest-ever GITEX Technology Week presence at the 40th anniversary edition of the event. The company is collaborating with partners to highlight how governments and organizations in the Middle East can create new value through synergy across five tech domains.


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