EANAN, UD, XJTU, SRJL Sign MoU for Applied Sciences Cooperation

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EANAN Al Samma, a pioneering UAE-based technology company in advanced air mobility (AAM), has forged a strategic partnership with the University of Dubai (UD), Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU), and Zhuji SRJL Materials Laboratory. This collaboration aims to bolster international cooperation in applied sciences and facilitate the exchange of academic and research information.

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed by prominent leaders: Dr. Eesa M. Al Bastaki, President of UD; Raymund Scheffler, Shareholder at EANAN; Mr. Cheng Jin, Member of Standing Committee of University Board of XJTU; and Dr. Lei Li, Executive Director of SRJL. The signing ceremony was attended by representatives from all involved institutions.

 Advancing Academic and Practical Collaboration

This partnership will establish a cutting-edge laboratory at the University of Dubai, promoting collaborative research efforts and bridging theoretical knowledge with practical application. The facility will provide hands-on training for students, enhancing their academic and practical experiences, and fostering connections between experts and students from diverse backgrounds. These initiatives are aligned with the rapidly expanding Advanced Aerial Mobility industry in the UAE, a key growth market in aerospace.

 Key Statements from Stakeholders

Raymund Scheffler, Shareholder of EANAN, emphasized the significance of the partnership:

“We are honored to collaborate with UD, XJTU, and SRJL to advance air mobility. This MoU leverages our combined strengths to develop innovative technologies, driving the future of the air mobility sector. We look forward to fostering talent exchange and making a tangible impact on the industry.”

Dr. Eesa M. Al Bastaki, President of the University of Dubai, highlighted the strategic importance:

“This partnership with EANAN, XJTU, and SRJL strengthens academic cooperation and scientific research. It aligns with our mission to foster deep collaboration between the UAE and international academic and business communities. This agreement supports the UAE’s ambition to lead in air mobility and electric motors by promoting innovative technologies.”

Cheng Jin, Member of Standing Committee of University Board of XJTU, remarked on the mutual benefits:

“XJTU’s strategy of integrating education and industries is exemplified by this MoU. The joint laboratory will enhance academic and research insights, fostering significant progress in science and industry. This collaboration strengthens ties between China and the UAE, promoting cooperation and friendship.”

Dr. Lei Li, Executive Director of SRJL, commented on the broader impact:

“SRJL focuses on material surface treatment and enhancement technologies. This joint laboratory marks deeper cooperation in fields such as new materials and aircraft power systems. Together, we will pursue higher technological achievements and overcome scientific research challenges.”

 Strengthening UAE-China Relations

The laboratory at the University of Dubai will serve as a hub for innovation, reinforcing UAE-China ties through shared expertise and resources. The University will provide on-site support and facilities, while EANAN ensures the laboratory’s functionality. The MoU includes provisions for educational system exchanges and curriculum design, with postdoctoral fellows meeting the requirements of the host institution.

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