emt Distribution announces partnership with Xcitium

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emt Distribution, a Value-Added Distributor specializing in next-generation, cutting-edge technologies, is pleased to announce an expanded partnership with Xcitium to provide Zero Trust Endpoint protection to its customers in the Middle East and Africa.

Xcitium released its patented Kernel-level API Virtualization technology earlier this year, allowing businesses to isolate and remove threats before they cause any harm. ZeroDwell Containment is a first-of-its-kind system that protects endpoints proactively while minimizing disruption to a customer’s workflow. 

“Our aim is to help organizations in the region maximize their cybersecurity while also allowing our channel partners to enhance their technology portfolio’s with the latest solutions,” said M Mobasseri, CEO at emt Distribution. “Xcitium’s technology prevents ransomware and other malware from causing damage no matter a customer’s existing EDR, XDR or MDR solution. ZeroDwell Containment provides an additional layer of protection to maximize defense against cyber threats.”

At a time when over 450,000 unknown threats and files are released every day, Xcitium’s ability to eliminate dwell time is invaluable for security professionals who are inundated with threats and working against the clock to understand potential risks before they cause harm. 

“Most of the market has accepted that breaches happen. What makes Xcitium unique is that we can contain those threats so that security teams have time to detect them and eliminate them before they cost an enterprise millions in damages and lost productivity,” said Ken Levine, CEO of Xcitium, formerly Comodo Security Solutions. “Delivering our ZeroDwell containment to emt Distribution’s partner community will truly transform the services that they can provide customers.”

For additional information go to emtmeta.com and Xcitium.com.

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