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Enjoy free AR walking tours in Ibn Battuta Mall

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Ibn Battuta Mall is inviting residents and tourists to walk in the legendary explorer’s footsteps in a brand new and limited-time expedition starting 18 March. Accompanied by a tour guide, mall visitors will embark on an experiential journey complete with Augmented Reality (AR) filters waiting to be unlocked on Instagram.

Visitors can head to Ibn Battuta Mall and enjoy free AR walking tours with a real-life avatar of Ibn Battuta who will interact with children and tell tales from the past, as they visit  six different country-themed courts to learn more about the Moroccan traveller’s journeys throughout his lifetime.

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An interactive and educational experience for the whole family, the walking tour also includes six AR filters inspired by the world traveller, each representing the courts’ unique features – a roaring lion in Andalusian Court, a phoenix in Egypt Court, an elephant in India Court and a dragon in China Court. Additionally, the mall introduced a Pharaoh make-up face filter and a traditional Indian make-up face filter for families and friends to play with as they shop and dine.

Visitors can also win exciting prizes when sharing their experience on social media.

The free tours will take place on weekends (Thursdays-Saturdays) starting 18 March until 3 April at 3pm, 5pm and 7pm, and visitors can book their slots online.

Safety regulations will be in place.

For bookings, visit:

Event: Visit Ibn Battuta Mall and learn all about the explorer’s journey through an Augmented Reality tour with a real-life avatar of Ibn Battuta. Tour includes six AR filters inspired by the world traveller that can be accessed on Instagram.

When: Weekends (Thursdays-Saturdays) starting 18 March till 3 April

Time: 3pm, 5pm and 7pm

How to register: Book on the website at

Cost: Free of charge


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