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EPOS delivers broadcast quality with B20 streaming microphone for gamers

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EPOS revealed  the B20 broadcast microphone, unleashing next level audio designed for gamers, streamers and content creators seeking studio-quality microphone audio. Continuing EPOS’ next generation of premium peripherals, the B20 delivers uncompromised crystal-clear recording with hassle-free plug-and-play connectivity and an elegantly sleek build. The EPOS B20 microphone is compatible with PC, PS4™and Mac®, and is now available online via Amazon (UAE & KSA), Jumbo.ae and select retailers in the region.

Studio Broadcast Quality Microphone

Staying true to EPOS’ 115 years of audio engineering experience, the B20 delivers clarity without sacrificing the warmth of deep bass and treble tones to achieve rich, clear and enhanced vocals. Designed fora wide range of gamers the B20 microphone boasts studio broadcast quality (24bit 48kHz) while effortlessly reducing unwanted backgroundnoise for a lag-free recording experience.

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Adaptable for Many Scenarios

Expanding the B20’s function and versatility, the microphone includes integrated audio controls for full control over the sound with easily-accessible volume, gain and mute buttons. When in use, intuitive LEDs indicate when the microphone is active or muted. Additionally, the B20includes a headphone jack that allows for real-time voice monitoring and game audio mixing.

Users can further personalize a microphone experience that is best for their unique setups through the B20’s four ranges of sound pickup– cardioid, stereo, bidirectional or omnidirectional. Each is intuitively designed to capture every recording scenario from solo game streams,partner casting, team-play broadcasts and more.

Sleek, High-Quality Build

Crafted with same high-quality standards of EPOS’ line of premium audio peripherals, the B20 perfectly fits into gaming stations of any layout. The microphone boasts a durable yet lightweight solid aluminium shell, complemented by sleek, ergonomic design and accents. Similarly,the B20 includes a dedicated desk stand that allows for perfect fit and adjustability. The microphone’s 3/8” thread seamlessly connects toboom arms for a range of added positioning options.

Intuitive Setup and Customization

The B20 microphone’s USB-C to USB-A plug-and-use design delivers simple setup for aspiring content creators and seasoned streamers alike.

All audio content from professional livestream sessions to elevated team chat are instantly improved through hassle-free connection for less time setting up and more time gaming.

For users seeking to further enhance the sound of the B20’s audio,the EPOS Gaming Suite can be downloaded for access to an array of customization settings, including noise reduction  adjustment microphone equalizer adjustability, reverb controls and more.


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