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ESET launches new Telco and ISP product offering

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ESET, a global cybersecurity provider, has announced a new suite of products for the Telecommunications and Internet Service Provider (Telco and ISP) industries, with the goal of providing comprehensive consumer protection.

Cybercrime is a problem that knows no boundaries, and ESET telemetry shows that the volume of cyberattacks is increasing, with a trend toward attacks on smartphones. To combat these threats, ESET has decided to leverage its leading technologies to develop industry-specific solutions.

“Imagine internet security accessible through one click. At ESET, we always develop products with our customers in mind, and with our ESET NetProtect offering we have created an easy-to-use and elegant solution not only for the industry leaders in the Telco and ISP sector, but for the consumers who are the actual end users of our products,” said Mária Trnková, ESET’s VP for the consumer and IoT segment. “We see ourselves and our technologies as the guardians of progress that digital technology enables and our objective is to provide effective digital security that keeps consumers safe in every moment and in any eventuality.”

ESET NetProtect products:

ESET NetProtect for Mobile and ESET NetProtect for Mobile Advanced, which provide security via mobile networks, and ESET NetProtect for Home Advanced, which helps secure fixed network connections, are among the new offerings.

These protect customer devices connected to Telco and ISP networks (fixed or mobile) from malicious web domains or domain categories like malware, phishing, and potentially unwanted content.

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Parents have complete control over their children’s filters via Web Content Filter when using ESET NetProtect Advanced (fixed or mobile). End users can use the management portal to manage the ESET NetProtect settings on their connected devices, manage their domain whitelists and blacklists, and generate security reports. The security reports provide users with information on how ESET protects their devices, as well as summary information on detected threats, blocked webpages, and other topics.

Network-level solutions do not require any software installation on end user devices, which are compatible with both Android and iOS, due to their ease of integration into Telco and ISP network services and existing activation processes. The solutions are provided as a one-click service activation from the users’ trusted internet provider and automatically provide protection to any connected device. ESET’s first access to a unique set of malware detected and pooled at a worldwide network of research and development centers ensures security tailored to customers’ needs.


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