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eufy Security introduces Solar Power wireless outdoor security camera in the UAE

Surveillance Technology

The first Solar Power all-in-one outdoor WiFi security camera, the Solar Cam S40, was presented in the UAE by eufy Security, a smart home company owned by Anker Innovations. With just two hours of direct sunshine each day, the eufy Solar Cam S40 can work wirelessly all day and night because to its innovative built-in solar panel that powers the internal battery. Furthermore, it sends out instant motion warnings to your phone, which can activate the 600-lumen lighting built-in for enhanced security. In addition, it records in 2K high quality and stores up to 8GB of video on the device for activities outside the home.

 ‘In the UAE we enjoy a great amount of sunlight all year round, so we are glad to launch a solution that leverages this natural resource to produce clean energy to empower the lives of our customers,’ said Faraz Mehdi, General Manager of Regional Sales at Anker Innovations Limited. 

Ins 1 - eufy Security - Solar Power wireless outdoor security camera - Solar Power - Outdoor WiFi - Security camera - UAE - Solar Cam S40 - Anker Innovations - Techxmedia

He added, ‘The eufy Solar Cam S40 all-in-one solar camera is designed to be installed almost anywhere outside the home, with no cables, no hubs, no additional cost and no third-party cloud storage needed. We provide efficient home surveillance at your fingertips, with instant alerts and management all through your mobile phone.’

SoloCam S40

Forever power, solar style:

You don’t have to bother about charging or changing the battery with the Solar Cam S40. Solar Cam S40 can be powered for the full day and night with just 2 hours of direct sunshine per day. The built-in battery keeps the power flowing even after the sun goes down. Plus, there’s more. It only takes a minute to set up and requires no wires or cords, saving you money on maintenance. 

Light up the night:

The ultrabright 600 Lumen spotlight turns on as soon as motion is detected, illuminating any undesirable visitors, while the colour night vision detects details up to 8 metres away.

The key is in the detail:

The ultra-clear 2k high-definition clarity provides outstanding home surveillance, recording every detail around your house and up to 8 metres of motion alert, allowing you to keep an eye on your home and see exactly what’s going on around it.

Secure Local Storage Built Right In The Camera:

The eufy Solar Cam S40 wireless outdoor camera provides a convenient, intelligent, and secure experience. The Solar Cam S40 may be connected to Wi-Fi and has an 8GB built-in local storage that is available for free. The recordings can be seen directly from the eufy mobile app, ensuring that you are the only one who has access to them. To ensure your privacy, all recordings are encrypted with AES-128 military-grade data encryption.

Advanced Motion and Human Detection:

To eliminate false warnings, the eufy Solar Cam S40 uses powerful motion detection and advanced A.I. technology to help identify individuals, animals, swaying trees, and passing traffic. The Solar Cam S40 also allows you to set up two activity zones to protect the most important sections of your home.

Furthermore, thanks to colour night vision, the eufy Solar Cam S40 makes it easy to observe your surroundings at night.

The Solar Cam S40 is also capable of withstanding practically anything Mother Nature can throw at it. The camera’s IP67 rating ensures that it can withstand humidity, dust, sandstorms, and infrequent rainstorms, as well as intense heat.

Sound the Alarm

When you have an unwelcome individual on your property, the eufy Solar Cam S40 has a loud 90dB siren that can be activated both manually and automatically. Furthermore, even if you and your family are outside the house, the two-way audio communication system allows you to speak directly to anyone who approaches your home.


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