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Expo 2020 Dubai with official partner Cisco has started 100 day countdown

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Sharing in Expo 2020’s ambition to host the most memorable and digitally-connected event in World Expo history, Cisco the Official Digital Network Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, has started the 100 day countdown .

Cisco’s technology is ready to welcome visitors with its state-of-the-art digital solutions. Cisco’s digital network architecture and security management solutions deployed at the site represent the company’s largest project in the region.

“When selecting our Digital Network Partner, we knew that for an event of this magnitude, we needed a leader in technology that not only has a strong track record, but also understands our ambitions and shares our enthusiasm. Cisco has proven itself to be a true extension of our team. Thanks to Cisco and our other technology partners, we are proud to be in a position where we can confidently say that Expo 2020 Dubai is ready to welcome visitors and deliver the world’s greatest show,” said Mohammed Alhashmi, Chief Technology Officer at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Expo 2020 Dubai - Cisco - 100 day countdown - techxmedia

Core Network Deployed and Hardware Delivered

At the heart of Expo 2020 Dubai’s infrastructure is Cisco’s Intent-Based Network, which has consolidated operations into a single IP network. The intelligent network routinely learns, adapts and protects to ensure a secure and seamless experience for visitors, Country Pavilions and employees alike.

With Expo 2020 Dubai being the largest event of its kind in the region, network security managementis a critical focal point. Cisco Umbrella (the company’s cloud-basedenterprise network security solution)is providing the first line of defense against potential cyberthreats, with features includingbuilt-in DNS Layer Security and robust firewalls. This technology has been deployed in the Network Operating Center at Expo 2020, which Cisco helped to build and is now managing. In addition, Cisco’s Physical Security Network is supporting CCTV monitoring to providethe Organizer with unmatched visibility across the site and deliver unified threat management.

To provide visitors with immersive experiences, Expo 2020 Dubai, its Country Pavilions and sponsors are leveraging Cisco Vision – an end-to-end, high definition dynamic digital signage solution. Moreover, Cisco’s wireless network (Wi-Fi) isdelivering secure, high-speed wireless connectivity on theground withupload and download speedsthat will enable visitors to connect and share their experiences with the world, and support seamless integration with augmented and virtual reality.

Meticulous Testing and Optimization of Technology

The next-generation network has been thoroughly tested and certified as ready for use, with Cisco and Expo 2020 Dubai confident in the technology’s ability to facilitate a harmonious visitor and participant experience. Testing and optimization have been delivered via application mirroring, the use of hyper conversion and Cisco’s AppDynamics monitoring tool.

Cisco has empowered Expo 2020 Dubai to streamline the management of its network through an integrated Network Operating Center – crucial for monitoring the network and managing an event of this scale. Advanced application-readiness and monitoring tools ensure that teams are well-equipped and ready to tackle potential risks, such as attempted breaches or outages in a fast yetmeasured manner.

Preparing the Entire Expo Site for a Unified Experience

In addition to powering Expo’s three Thematic Districts, Cisco’s smart network is prepared to service other high-footfallcommercial and leisure spaces, including malls, hotels, parks and plazas across the Expo 2020 site.

Cisco’s IT infrastructure is also delivering network services at the Dubai Exhibition Center, co-located at the Expo site, as well as digitally-connecting 30 Country Pavilions on the ground – ensuring operational readiness.

Shukri Eid - Managing Director - Cisco - Gulf Region - techxmedia

“Since 2018, we have been working closely with the team at Expo 2020 Dubai not only to meet, but to exceed expectations, so that we can enable unforgettable digital experiences for millions of visitors during the event’s 6-month run. In alignment with Expo’s objectives, our technology aims to support the building of a knowledge-based economy, empowering the leaders of today and tomorrow with the right tools and insights to imagine and create new possibilities. We are excited to show what our technology can do, and equally, to see how it is leveraged by organizers, Country Pavilions and visitors alike,” said Shukri Eid, Managing Director, Cisco Gulf Region.


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