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Expo 2020: Panasonic showcases latest technologies at Japan Pavilion

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Expo 2020: Panasonic is showcasing latest technologies at Japan Pavilion. Panasonic, as one of the strategic sponsors of the Japan Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai, will demonstrate the country’s achievements in technical innovation, centuries-old wisdom, and talents by delivering immersive projection mapping and mist solutions, as well as a remote maintenance system. Panasonic, a major producer of creative solutions for previous World Expos such as Expo Milano 2015, hopes to provide a truly immersive entertainment experience for guests through its cooperation.

The brand will debut a flurry of firsts in the area, in keeping with the Expo theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future,’ and the Japan pavilion’s theme of ‘Where ideas meet.’ New solutions for indoor air quality and IoT-enabled linked homes will be introduced during the exhibition, offering healthy, safe, and convenient environments in the new normal.

“Panasonic has built a legacy at Expo shows right from the Japan World Exposition in 1970, ever since the brand has introduced pathbreaking technologies and supported multiple pavilions with cutting edge projection and mapping solutions. The World Expos have provided a platform to showcase our expertise in creating technologies that have made millions of homes a better place to live for over 100 years. We are delighted, as always, to be a part of this global celebration of innovation creativity and hope to create one of the most talked-about pavilions at the Expo,” commented Hiroyuki Shibutani, Managing Director, Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa.

“Healthy environments and clean air are critical to people’s wellbeing at home and business facilities. With the increasing risk of diseases contracted from airborne bacteria and viruses, we think it is imperative to create solutions that ensure safe indoor air for everyone. Thus, we have come up with the ‘Quality Air for Life’ concept that aims to contribute to the creation of healthy environments around the world with our innovative products designed for the new normal, and will introduce some of the leading technologies in this segment at the Expo 2020 Dubai to the region and the wider world,” commented Eiji Ito, Managing Director of Panasonic Life Solutions Middle East and Africa (PLSMEA), a division of Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa FZE.

About Panasonic solutions at Japan Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai :

Panasonic’s exhibits at Expo 2020, themed ‘Quality Air for Life,’ will include the new nanoeTM X technology-powered air purifiers and air conditioners, as well as the portable nanoeTM X generator and ziainoTM professional air sterilisation, which will be on display for six months at the Japan pavilion. Panasonic will also reveal (for the first time in the region) its MirAIe IOT enabled linked living solution, emphasising its mantra ‘A Better Life, A Better World.’ Furthermore, the company will demonstrate a variety of its most recent B2B control room solutions, including Face mask recognition, among others.

The experience zones for visitors to the Japan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will be hosted by Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa FZE, the brand’s regional headquarters.


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