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FGT FZE appointed as Hisense distributor in Middle East

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FGT FZE has been appointed as Hisense distributor in Middle East. Hisense has struck a strategic partnership with FGT FZE, a prominent sales and distribution firm based in the UAE that deals in a range of product categories such as consumer electronics, medical equipment, and other related items. Hisense hopes to enhance its organised retail (OR) business in the UAE through this cooperation by improving and optimising product availability, market penetration, and accessibility in the seven Emirates.

This partnership will enable Hisense to develop its operations in the UAE market by an estimated 50% by 2022. FGT FZE’s extensive distribution network across all key electronic organised retail (OR) channels, as well as its logistical capabilities and knowledge, will be used to strengthen the business fundamentals and provide better and more efficient service to our channel partners and end customers.

On Tuesday, September 21st, Hisense and FGT FZE conducted a signing ceremony at a hotel in Dubai to announce the cooperation.

The event was attended by several representatives from both corporate organisations, including Jason Ou, Managing Director of Hisense Middle East and North Africa, Ismail Al Hurani, COO of Hisense Middle East, Tavassoli, Chairman ofcFGT FZE and Abdullah Shaghnobi, GM of FGT FZE, and other top management members from both the organizations.

During the ceremony, Jason Ou, Managing Director of Hisense Middle East and North Africa said, “Apart from being one of the top markets of consumer electronics and appliances in the MENA region, UAE is also a regional hub and strategic market to drive the regional electronic business.”

“With an upsurge in purchasing power, the UAE’s fast-growing population is looking for innovative, technologically advanced and affordable televisions to improve their lifestyle through fully smart and connected products. This is evident considering the estimated market growth of about 12% in 2021 despite of the effects of pandemic. Also, the most awaited event of 2021 which is Dubai Expo will prove to be a driving force to create much bigger demand and put the market on further growth trajectory.”

“We believe it’s important for Hisense to cater to the masses and their demand for innovative and technologically advanced televisions. Our partnership with FGT FZE will ensure that Hisense TVs are available to the consumers, at all major retail outlets, through efficient operations and optimised delivery and installation.”

Hisense sales have been increasing in the Middle East recently, with a 116 percent increase in the first half of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. TV sales have climbed by 94 percent, while air conditioner sales have increased by 120 percent, and overall Hisense home appliance sales have increased by 134 percent.

Hisense has always been a major player in global sports sponsorships, and has successfully used sponsorship to build global brand awareness through leading platforms such as the UEFA Euro 2016 and 2020, the Australian Open, NASCAR Xfinity Series, Red Bull Racing, Joe Gibbs Racing, Germany’s FC Schalke 04, FIFA World Cup 2018TM, and Paris Saint-Germain, according to him. Keeping up the momentum in sports marketing, Hisense will also be the official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup 2022TM.

Talking about the partnership, Abdullah Shaghnobi, GM of FGT FZE said, “We are pleased to sign the agreement here today with a market-leading TV brand like Hisense as we work collaboratively with a common vision to expand the distribution network and improve the market penetration to achieve the business growth. FGT being a major player in Consumer Electronics distribution segment, I am confident that our resources, experience and access to market will open doors to more opportunities and mutual growth.”

Ismail Al Hurani, COO Hisense Middle East concluded, “this partnership will be a milestone for both the companies to leverage each other’s strengths and expand their business footprints whilst solidifying their market position in the county.”

He further added, “Hisense TV category is fast expanding through an innovative line-up of extra-large televisions like Hisense 4K Laser TV, available in various screen sizes from 88 inch to 150 inch; such products need more customised distributions as well as service & installation.  And this partnership will play an important role in the laser TV business development as the demand for Laser TV is increasing exponentially.”


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