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Finesse at forefront in supporting organizations in business continuity

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Sunil Paul- Co- Founder & MD of Finesse & Eljo Pynadath, Director & Chief Business Officer at Finesse Global, spoke with TECHx to discuss how Finesse supports organiztions in business continuity.

TECHx: Reflecting on 2020, it was a year like no other especially when it comes to organizations’ shift towards new ways of doing business. How has Finesse supported organizations in business continuity since the pandemic has begun?

Finesse: The world has seen a surge in digital transformation investments ever since the pandemic began. This is not surprising, given organizations needed to ramp up to meet the needs of their customers and also not endanger the lives of their employees.

Finesse Global has had to support its client base by quickly and effectively adapting to new workforce model paradigms forced by the pandemic – thus ensuring business continuity. This has been underlined by Finesse developing ‘ready to roll-out’ frameworks in areas covering AI chatbots, BI & Analytics, Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), solutions around customer-relationship management (CRM) Customer Engagement Management (CEM) tools and Treasury Management.

Additionally, it has been noticed that as organizations moved more towards digitalizing their businesses in 2020, cybercriminals have also seen more success, given the ever-expanding digital attack surface with security flaws. To cope with this, Finesse now has a dedicated cybersecurity practice – which caters to infrastructure and cloud security, application security assistance, security intelligence & analytics, digital identity, and data protection and privacy. 

TECHx: Digital Transformation is changing the way businesses run. How is Finesse capitalizing on the opportunities and transforming companies?

Finesse: Finesse was incorporated in 2010 with a mission to revolutionize IT infrastructure through superior systems integration capabilities while simultaneously empowering customers to digitally transform business processes 

A decade later, Finesse is at the forefront in supporting clients to reach successful outcomes by helping them adopt state-of-the-art technologies through effective and efficient solutions. Finesse continues to invest its workforce in novel areas such as AI chatbots, IPA, RPA, BI & Analytics, Blockchain, and also continues upgrading approaches in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Engagement Management (CEM).

TECHx: Investments in Cybersecurity have been exponential in the last couple of years, what role does Finesse play when it comes to the implementation of cybersecurity solutions for its customers?

Finesse: Finesse helps its clients focus on their core business by providing end-to-end managed cybersecurity solutions for their technology environment & non-core business processes. Finesse employs Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) within the organization’s security toolset that will help security teams manage and respond to threats across multi-cloud environments at almost instantaneous speeds.

Finesse also complements this wide portfolio with a dedicated cybersecurity practice, which covers Infrastructure & Cloud Security, Application security assurance, Security intelligence & analytics, Digital Identity, Data protection & Privacy together with Managed Security Services supported by our 24X7 SOC; thus enabling our customers to be secure and safeguarded from cyberattacks.

The COVID-19 crisis has redefined the way we work and socialize for the foreseeable future. As employees thrive in pandemic-induced work-from-anywhere (WFA) models, organizations are reconsidering their current security postures. Finesse has also established a dedicated cybersecurity practice, which covers infrastructure & cloud security, digital identity, data protection & privacy. We are committed to providing a ‘Zero-Trust modeled’ security to organizations to be prepared to tackle cyber threats at any time and anywhere.  

TECHx: How would you evaluate the Middle East region’s progress, particularly the UAE, with regards to cybersecurity regulations and technology adoption during the past year?

Finesse: As of Oct 2020, Trend Micro has recorded 50M cyberattacks in the GCC, a majority among them being email threats and email phishing. Closer to home, a Kaspersky report shares that there has been a 190% increase of cyberattacks in the UAE, since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.  

UAE has adopted strong measures in order to increase cyber resilience and have continuously been upgrading their cybersecurity capacity. The results of this are seen by the UAE being listed in the countries with the best cybersecurity measures each year. Led by the UAE Government, companies in the UAE continue to be one of the most important adopters of the best practices around cybersecurity, and of cybersecurity technologies, thus safeguarding businesses and users in the country.  


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