Fitbit and GluCare.Health partner in the UAE to support diabetes care

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GluCare.Health, a hybrid digital therapeutics company based in Dubai, has partnered with Fitbit to incorporate advanced health data sets from Fitbit wearables into its clinical framework.

GluCare.Health is a world-class metabolic disease management platform that is currently outperforming comparable solutions in terms of patient outcomes. It incorporates data from various medical devices and wearables into its standard continuous care model, which shifts diabetes management away from archaic fragmented and episodic care and toward a continuous and behavior-change-based approach.

This collaboration will enable the use of Fitbit wearables, which are now owned by Google, within the GluCare.Health disease management platforms. Integration of both organizations’ technologies will result in increased patient engagement, behavioral change, and vastly improved clinical outcomes. The collaboration is especially timely because GluCare.Health is about to launch its latest care-in-the-cloud offering and begin its international expansion. 

“GluCare.Health, in principle, maintains the familiar comforts of a traditional healthcare system but fundamentally is a behavioral change engine that is being delivered through a hybridized digital plus clinical healthcare data and analytic platform.  Our ambition is to always partner with the best-in-class developers of hardware, software, and analytics capabilities to better the lives of our patients in a sustainable way,” said Dr. Ihsan Almarzooqi, Co-Founder and Managing Director of GluCare.Health. “To that end, we are delighted to collaborate with Fitbit in providing our patients access to advanced wearable devices and evidence-based algorithmic insights during their care journey.”

According to a recent AppDynamics survey, 88 percent of UAE respondents intend to use wearable devices such as Fitbit trackers or smartwatches in the coming year. Furthermore, 95% of UAE respondents said they believe wearable technology has the potential to transform both personal and public health. 

“Our mission has always been to help make everyone in the world healthier. Being “on Fitbit” is not just about the hardware, it’s about the entire experience — from our range of devices and software to our mobile app and Fitbit Premium — all designed to motivate and support you in managing your health and wellness.” said David Amehame, Regional Sales Manager at Fitbit – Middle East and Africa, Google

Dr. Almarzooqi from GluCare.Health further added “We are an outcome-based organization, and Fitbit is currently the most frequently cited wearable by far when it comes to medical research. This collaboration shall allow for real-time data capture using the advanced sensors in Fitbit devices to better assess our patient’s health and allows us to be more present with them in-clinic and prescribe care more effectively. Additionally, this methodology shall also allow us to stay connected with the patients and provide quality support even in between their visits to our clinic. Our technology offers a more human-centric approach to diabetes care, one that works exceptionally well, as highlighted by our outcomes. Data from Fitbit will now be included into patient records, weighed against other clinical metrics, used by the care team allowing for correlations to be seen and insights to be actioned by the care team in the cloud.”

Nicola Maxwell, Head of Fitbit Health Solutions EMEA, concluded by stating “This collaboration shows how Fitbit can help to support innovation in population health, helping healthcare systems & care programmes create more efficient and effective care pathways that aren’t always tied to primary or secondary care settings. Plus, it provides patients with tools to help them with their health and wellbeing each day, with metrics which can be overseen by clinic’s care teams.”

For further details regarding usage terms of Fitbit devices, please refer to Fitbit’s standard Terms of Service.


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